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We are also members of numerous clubs worldwide, including: Brighton Stamp Club (Australia); Cinderella Stamp Club of Australasia; Japanese Philatelic Society Tokyo (Japan); Malay Study Group (UK); Polar Postal History Society (UK); Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria (Australia); and Singapore Stamp Club, just to name a few.

British Commonwealth

CountryYearDescriptionPrice A$Photo
Antigua1903-095s grey-green and violet MLHA$140Photo
Antigua1903-09Definitive set SG 31/40 MLHA$450Photo
Antigua1908-17Definitive set SG 41/50 MLHA$220Photo
Antigua1932Tercentenary 5s black and chocolate SG 90 MLHA$140Photo
Antigua1932Tercentenary set SG 81/90 MLHA$300Photo
Ascension19223s black and violet SG 8 VFUA$300Photo
Ascension1924-33Definitive set of 13 SG 10/20 MLHA$480Photo
Ascension1930SG 21/30 set on coverA$500Photo
Ascension1938-53Definitive set of 32 with all shades and perfs SG 38/47a Cat £670 MLHA$950Photo
Bahamas18621d brown-lake SG 17 FU Ref 150207A$200Photo
Bahamas18624d dull rose SG 10 FU Ref 140207A$650Photo
Bahamas18834d on 6d deep violet SG 45 Used Cut Ref 09061501A$250Photo
Bahamas1901-03Waterfalls Set of 4 SG 58/61 MHA$140Photo
Bahamas1902-105s dull purple and blue SG 69 MLHA$100Photo
Bahamas1912-19Set overprinted Specimen Ex 2d + 2d SG 81/9 slight tone. MLHA$350Photo
Bahamas1921-371 green and black SG 125 MLH Ref 200207A$275Photo
Bahamas1930Tercentenary of Colony set of 5 SG 126/30 MLHA$120Photo
Bahamas1931-46Set of 2 SG 131/32 MUHA$140Photo
Bahrain1933-37Set of 14 to 5r SG 1/14 MUH some toned Ref 09061502A$450Photo
Bahrain1938-411r to 5r SG 32/4 in block of 4 MUH some toning. Ref 09061609A$250Photo
Bahrain1950-55High value Castles 2r to 10r SG 77/79 in block of 4 MUHA$250Photo
Barbados1855-58(1d) pale blue SG 9 Used Ref 190207A$130Photo
Barbados1855-58(d) green SG 8 Used Ref 180207A$200Photo
Barbados 1882-865s bistre SG 106 Mint no gumA$150Photo
Barbados 1882-865s bistre SG 106 MLHA$250Photo
Barbados 1892-19032s 6d violet and green SG 115 MLHA$150Photo
Barbados 1906"Nelson Centenary set of 7 optd ""Specimen"" SG 145s/51s MLH"A$150Photo
Barbados 1906Nelson Centenary set of 7 SG 145/51 MLHA$150Photo
Barbados1912-163/- violet and green SG 180 MHA$125Photo
Barbados 1920-21Set of 11 SG 201/11 MLHA$140Photo
Barbados 199/200Colours changed set of 2 SG 199/200 MLHA$240Photo
BCOF1945HMAS Shropshire cover to Australia Ref 09070903A$600Photo
BCOF1945Letter from HMAS Warramunga at Tokyo to Australia. Ref 09070902A$500Photo
Bechuanaland18851/- green SG8 MH Ref 250107A$400Photo
Bechuanaland18871 lilac SG20 fiscal used Ref 240107A$175Photo
Bechuanaland1895H& G #5 Post card stationery Down TrainA$300Photo
Bechuanaland19122/6 Brown SG 88 MLH Ref 210107A$140Photo
Bechuanaland19125/- red SG 89 MLH Ref 220107A$180Photo
Bechuanaland1913-242/6 And 5/- SG 88/89 MLH Ref 180107A$300Photo
Bermuda 1865-19031d rose-red SG 1 MHA$180Photo
Bermuda1865-19032d bright blue SG 4 Mint no gum Ref 220207A$600Photo
Bermuda18743d on 1s green SG 13 perforation on the right clipped. Used Ref 230207A$600Photo
Bermuda 1901¼d on 1s bluish grey SG 30b optd Specimen MHA$150Photo
Bermuda1924-3210/- green and red/pale emerald SG92 Fine used Ref 09040906A$500Photo
Bermuda1938-532/6 Black and red/grey-blue Line Perf 14. SG 117a MLH Ref 270207A$400Photo
Bermuda1938-532s deep reddish purple and ultram/grey-blue SG 116a MLH Ref 240207A$200Photo
Bermuda1938-532s Perf 14 line. Deep purple and ultram/grey-blue SG 116b MLH Ref 260207A$300Photo
Bermuda1938-535s Perf 14 line. Dull yellow-green and red/yellow SG 118b MLH Ref 290207A$200Photo
British Antarctic We have a stockbook full of British Antarctic stamps. Ask us for detailsA$ Photo
British Antarctic Territory1963-69Definitive set of 16 to £1 SG 1-15a MLHA$300Photo
British Antarctic Territory19691 red and brownish black SG 15a MUH Ref 360207A$250Photo
British CommonwealthVariousMint selection of better items from British Commonwealth incl. Argentina, Bahamas, Bermuda, Burma, Canada, Fiji and Tahiti. Individually priced.A$-Photo
British East Africa1890-954a dull purple Imperf between vert pair SG 11ad UsedA$1250Photo
British East Africa18951r carmine double opt on piece in pair with normal SG 43a Fine used Ref 370207A$1500Photo
British East Africa18952a on 1a sepia SG 64 MHA$130Photo
British East Africa1896-1901"1r Ultramarine SG 75a with ""P"" in Protectorate flaw MH"A$110Photo
British East Africa1896-1901Queen Victoria set of 11 to 1r SG 65/75 FUA$120Photo
British East Africa18972d on 1a iindigo and red SG 88 MHA$180Photo
British East Africa18972d on 1a iindigo and red with stop variety SG 88 MHA$2500Photo
British East Africa18972d on 3a grey red SG 91 MHA$200Photo
British Guiana1853-591c dull red SG 12 fine used Slight thin Ref 380207A$750Photo
British Guiana1860-631c pale rose SG 29 MLH Ref 390207A$800Photo
British Honduras1891Bisect on Cover a neat printed envelope with 1 examples of 2c surcharge overprint on 1 penny to give the postal rate of 3c (SG 37 + 37a)A$400Photo
Brunei We have a stockbook full of Brunei stamps. Ask us for detailsA$ Photo
Brunei1908-22"$5 carmine/green SG 47 overprinted SPECIMEN and handstamped with Portuguese ""ULTRAMAR"" inverted in violet MLH"A$350Photo
Brunei1908-22Definitive set including Die II SG 34/47 MLH Ref 2480207A$400Photo
Brunei1924-37$1 black and red/blue perforated Specimen SG 78s MUHA$100Photo
Brunei1924-3750c black/emerald perforated Specimen SG 77s MUHA$100Photo
Brunei19807-10Set of 11 SG 23/33 MH Ref 2490207A$350Photo
Brunei1984"Philakorea set in strip of 3 perforated ""TDLR SPECIMEN"" Less than 10 exist MUH"A$600Photo
Burma1854India 2a green used in Burma with B5 Akyab postmark. Ref 09041407A$450Photo
Burma1937Official 5r. ultramarine and purple SG O13 Ref 09041506A$200Photo
Burma1938-405r. and 10r. SG32/33 MUH Ref 09041507A$150Photo
Burma1938-40Set of 16 SG18a/33 in block of 4 MUH Ref 09041502A$1000Photo
Burma1938BSet of 16 SG 18a/33 MUH Ref 09041508A$300Photo
Burma193910r green and myrtle SG O27 MLH with light crease Ref 09061605A$150Photo
Burma1939Official Stamp 10r brown and myrtle in a corner marginal block of 4 SG O27 MUH Ref 09041410A$950Photo
Burma19479ps Service heavy ink shifted overprinted error Block of 4 MUH Ref 09041501A$300Photo
Burma1947Official set SG O41-O53 MLH Ref 09061606A$150Photo
Burma1947Official Stamps Set of 13 SG O41/53 in block o4 MUH Ref 09041503A$600Photo
Burma1950Pyidaungsu (Union) overprints, comprising 1949 definitives 3p. to 10r. (14 values), each with a single line overprint in brownish gold or black (2r.) MUHA$2000Photo
Burma1954New currency set ex 20p red SG 137/50 ex 143 Block of 4 MUH Ref 09041504A$120Photo
Burma196315p scarlet Block of 4 optd "SAMPLE" MUHA$300Photo
Burma Japanese Occupation1942(July ?) locally addressed cover with 1942 (May) KGVI 6d bright blue 1a purple-brown and 2a greenish-blue 'Service' opts each with type 1 Peacock of Myaunginya tied by very finr strike of Wakerna Burmese cds (with date also in Burmese). Further strike on reverse 1a and 4a stamps with small faults not affecting very fine appearance. Philatelic but rareA$1750Photo
Burma Japanese Occupation19421a purple-brown type 4 peacock SG J19b MUH Ref 09061608A$250Photo
Burma Japanese Occupation19421r on 10s Deep carmine SG J54 and J54b surcharge type 10 one stamp with surcharge type 10 double Mint regummed with RPS CertificateA$250Photo
Burma Japanese Occupation19422a vermillion SG J 24 Block of 4 MUHA$800Photo
Burma Japanese Occupation19422r brown and purple SG J19 Mint TonedA$275Photo
Burma Japanese Occupation19422r on 20s ultramarine, red surcharge, Block of 4, MUH Ref 09041505A$350Photo
Burma Japanese Occupation19424a greenish blue SG J11 overprint type 1 Block of 4 with Certificate MUHA$200Photo
Burma Japanese Occupation19426p bright blue SG J13 Block of 4 MintA$200Photo
Burma Japanese Occupation19426p bright blue SG J19a in block of 4 MUHA$1300Photo
Burma Japanese Occupation19426p bright blue SG J19a in block of 8 MUH With BPA CertificateA$1600Photo
Burma Japanese Occupation19426p bright blue SG J27 Block of 4 MintA$120Photo
Burma Japanese Occupation1942August 10 KGVI 1a brown p/s cover (without opt) franked by 1942 (May) KGVI 6d bright blue pair, type B Peacock of Henzada (over inked impressions) used from Henzada to Moulmeingyun with clear cds and arrival b/s (17 Aug 42), endorsed in pencil on rev 'Capt Rdgar Jan 1948', philatelic but attractive and rareA$650Photo
Burma Japanese Occupation1942June 9 KGVI 1a brown p/s cover, the stamp covered by 1942(May) KGVI 3d slate, type 5 Peacock of Henzoda in blue-black (worn slate) SG J22 horiz strip of 4, tied to two strikes of Maubin cds, addressed in Burmese to Kyonpyaw (arrival h/s of 13 Jun 42) philatelic but correct rate and rareA$750Photo
Burma Japanese Occupation1942May KGVI 1a purple-brown,type 2 Peacock of Myaungmya SG J15 tied to locally addressed Lim Peng Hong cover by very fine Kyonpyaw cds, showing Burmese date in red m/s (another strike on reverse with date in black m/s), philatelic but correct rate, very fine and rareA$1250Photo
Burma Japanese Occupation19431c orange Perf x roul SG J85b mintA$275Photo
Burma Japanese Occupation19433c light blue Perf x roul SG J86b FUA$150Photo
Burma Japanese Occupation19433c light blue SG J86c Imperf in full sheet of 56. Printed on both side. Unique! Scan shows the double printed stamps and part of the full sheet of stamps as the sheet is too big for the scanner.A$11500Photo
Burma Japanese Occupation1943Set of 10 SG J88-J97 MUHA$60Photo
Canada We have a stockbook of Canada stamps. Please ask us for detailsA$ Photo
Canada1852-573d red SG 5 Used Ref 09061901A$300Photo
Canada1868-9012c bright blue Watermarked SG60b Used Ref 09041512A$300Photo
Canada1889-9710c salmon-pink SG 109 Mint hinged Ref 440207A$450Photo
Canada189350c blue SG116 Mint Ref 09041513A$200Photo
Canada1893Set of 2 (20c vermillion & 50c blue) SG 115/16 Fresh colour. Mint hinged Ref 450207A$500Photo
Canada1897$1 lake Jubilee SG 136 Used. Ref 09061801A$500Photo
Canada1897$2 deep violet Jubilee SG 137 Used Ref 09061802A$300Photo
Canada1897$5 olive-green SG 140 Used Ref 09061603A$650Photo
Canada1897Jubilee issue 50c pale ultramarine SG 134 Used Ref 460207A$190Photo
Canada1897-981c blue-green Imperf pair SG 143a MLH Ref 470207A$900Photo
Canada1897-98Set of seven SG 142/49 Mint Hinged Ref 480207A$350Photo
Canada1898-190220c olive-green SG 165 Mint hinged Ref 490207A$500Photo
Canada1898-19025c slate-blue/bluish imperf SG 157a Mint Ref 09041511A$200Photo
Canada1898-19028c orange-yellow SG 161 Mint Hinged Ref 500207A$150Photo
Canada1903-1210c brown-lilac SG 182 MLH Ref 530207A$150Photo
Canada1903-127c yellow-olive SG 180 Block of 4. 3 MNH, 1 MLH Ref 520207A$250Photo
Canada1903-127c yellow-olive SG 180 MNH Ref 510207A$100Photo
Canada1911-2210c browish purple SG 210 MH Ref 540207A$130Photo
Canada1911-2250c grey-black SG 214 MLH Ref 560207A$150Photo
Canada1911-227c straw SG 206b Mint Hinged Ref 550207A$125Photo
Canada1914Wreck Mail - Scarce green S.S. 'EMPRESS OF IRELAND' "Recovered by divers..." CACHET ON COVER; May 1914 env. from "Duncans, Vancouver Island" (manuscript note on top flap) to London (m/s "Received Jan 5th 1915") with part cds where stamp has floated off, having a mostly very fine long purple"Revcovered by divers from wreck of S.S. Empress of Ireland" cachet on the front, matching the v. fine purple oval "BRANCH DEAD LETTER OFFICE/OTTAWA ONT. d/s (30 Sept) on the top flap. Highly exhibitable and scarce Wreck Cover.A$800Photo
Canada1935Set of 11 SG 341/51 MH Ref 570207A$150Photo
Canada / British Columbia18653d pale blue SG 22w Wmk inverted Mint no gum Ref 400207A$450Photo
Canada / British Columbia1868-712c brown Perf 14 SG 28 Mint Ref 09041509A$125Photo
Canada / British Columbia1868-71Set of 6 Perf 14 SG 28/33 Mint.The 50c has an inverted wmk and toned. Ref 09041510A$4000Photo
Canada / Newfoundland1862-646d rose-lake SG 20 UsedA$200Photo
Canada / Newfoundland1865-7110c black SG 27 Mint no gumA$200Photo
Canada / Newfoundland1865-7110c black SG 32 Mint Hinged Ref 110207A$300Photo
Canada / Newfoundland1865-7112c red-brown SG 28 Fine used Ref 120207A$300Photo
Canada / Newfoundland1897Set of 14 SG 66/79 slight tone MH Ref 100207A$300Photo
Canada / Newfoundland1910Set of 11 SG 95/105 MH Ref 90207A$600Photo
Canada / Newfoundland1911-161c Queen Mary Proof pair Ref 80207A$150Photo
Canada / Newfoundland1911-16Set of 11 SG 117/27 MLH Ref 70207A$350Photo
Canada / Newfoundland1931Set of 11 SG 198/208 MH Ref 10207A$275Photo
Canada / Newfoundland19321c Atlantic Cod Proof pair Ref 60207A$350Photo
Canada / Newfoundland19322c King George V Proof pair Ref 50207A$175Photo
Canada / Newfoundland19325c Caribou deer Proof pair Ref 40207A$250Photo
Canada / Newfoundland1932Set of 12 SG 209/20 MH Ref 20207A$100Photo
Canada / Newfoundland1932Set of 12 SG 209/20 MNHA$150Photo
Canada / Newfoundland1933Air Balbo Transatlantic Flight SG 235 MLHA$350Photo
Canada / Newfoundland1933Set of 14 SG 236/49 MH Ref 30207A$130Photo
Canada / Nova Scotia11851-571d red-brown Imperf SG 1 MH Ref 410207A$950Photo
Canada / Nova Scotia1860-635c blue Mint with slight toning visible on the front of the stamp. Ref 430207A$200Photo
Canada United States 1937"Special Delivery Airmail to Canada with Postage Dues 1c,2c and 4c"A$125Photo
Canada/Prince Edward Is18612d rose SG 1 UsedA$180 
Canada/Prince Edward Is18613d blue SG 3 UsedA$300 
Canada/Prince Edward Is18616d yellow-green SG 4 UsedA$500 
Cape of Good Hope18531d brick-red SG3 FU Ref 590207A$200Photo
Cape of Good Hope18531d pale brick-red SG1 Fine used. Ref 580207A$500Photo
Cape of Good Hope18531d pale brick-red SG1 Used Ref 09041515A$300Photo
Cape of Good Hope18534d blue SG 4a Fine used Ref 610207A$125Photo
Cape of Good Hope18534d deep blue SG 4 three margins Used Ref 600207A$200Photo
Cape of Good Hope1855-631/- bright yellow-green/white paper SG8 Used Ref 09041524A$300Photo
Cape of Good Hope1855-631/- bright yellow-green/white paper Wmk sideways SG8a Used Ref 09041525A$500Photo
Cape of Good Hope1855-631d brick-red/cream toned paper SG 5 one margin Used Ref 620207A$250Photo
Cape of Good Hope1855-631d Deep rose-red SG5b Used Ref 09041516A$400Photo
Cape of Good Hope1855-631d Deep rose-red SG5b Used Ref 09041517A$375Photo
Cape of Good Hope1855-634d deep blue/white paper SG6 Used Ref 09041518A$90Photo
Cape of Good Hope1855-636d Deep rose-lilac/white paper SG7b Used Ref 09041519A$400Photo
Cape of Good Hope1855-636d Deep rose-lilac/white paper SG7b Used Ref 09041520A$300Photo
Cape of Good Hope1855-636d pale rose-lilac/white paper SG 7 FU Ref 630207A$250Photo
Cape of Good Hope1855-636d Slate-lilac/blued paper SG7c Used Ref 09041521A$900Photo
Cape of Good Hope1855-636d Slate-purple/blued paper SG7d Used Ref 09041523A$250Photo
Cape of Good Hope1862Entire to Port Elizabeth. Date stamp on the backA$250Photo
Cape of Good Hope1863-641d Brownish red SG 18c Used Ref 09041603A$250Photo
Cape of Good Hope1863-641d Deep brown-red SG 18b Mint Ref 09041613A$250Photo
Cape of Good Hope1863-641d deep brown-red SG 18b Used Ref 09041601A$200Photo
Cape of Good Hope1863-641d deep carmine-red SG 18 Used Ref 09041602A$200Photo
Cape of Good Hope1863-641d deep carmine-red Wmk sideways SG 18ba Printed both sides Mint Ref 09041612A$1800Photo
Cape of Good hope1863-644d blue SG 19a Used Ref 09041606A$100Photo
Cape of Good Hope1863-644d deep blue SG 19 Used Ref 09041605A$100Photo
Cape of Good Hope1863-644d steel-blue SG 19c Used Ref 09041604A$150Photo
Cape of Good Hope1863-646d bright mauve SG 20 Fine used Ref 09041609A$600Photo
Cape of Good Hope1863-646d bright mauve SG 20 Fiscal used Ref 09041608A$300Photo
Cape of Good Hope1863-646d bright mauve SG 20 Mint no gum Ref 09041607A$150Photo
Cape of Good Hope1863-64C1/- bright emerald-green SG 21 Used Ref 09041610A$200Photo
Cape of Good Hope1880"3" on 3d pale dull rose SG 37 MLH Ref 09041619A$150Photo
Cape of Good Hope1880"3" on 3d pale dull rose with wmk inverted SG 37w UsedA$225Photo
Cape of Good Hope18803d on 4d pale dull rose SG 35 MLH Ref 09041621A$140Photo
Cape of Good Hope18803d pale dull rose SG 36 Mint Hinged Ref 09041622A$175Photo
Cape of Good Hope1882-832d pale bistre SG 42 MHA$150Photo
Cape of Good Hope1884-901s Blue-green SG 53a MHA$100Photo
Cape of Good Hope1902-04Set of 9 SG 70/8 MHA$200Photo
Cayman Islands1907-0910s green and red/green SG 34 MLH Ref 09041804A$320Photo
Cayman Islands1912-203s green and violet used on piece SG 50 rEF 09041623A$175Photo
Cayman Islands1912-20Set of 13 SG 40/52 MLHA$350Photo
Cayman Islands1921-26Set of 14 SG 69/83 MLHA$250Photo
Cayman Islands1921-26Set of 5 SG 60/7 MLH Ref 09041624A$120Photo
Cayman Islands1935-36Set of 12 SG 96/107 MHA$350Photo
Ceylon1800sPrisoner of War cover to inmate at Deyatalawa Camp tied by 5c dull purple SG 195A$450Photo
Ceylon18576d. Purple-brown SG1 Used Ref 09041625A$250Photo
Ceylon1857Green Reprinted Die Proof Ref 09041712A$200Photo
Ceylon1857-592/- dull blue SG12 Superb Used Ref 09040802A$1800Photo
Ceylon1872-802r. 50c. Dull rose SG 138 Used Ref 09041711A$500Photo
Ceylon1872-80Set of 2 SG 136/7 UsedA$300Photo
Ceylon1872-80Set of 3 SG 133/5 UsedA$200Photo
Ceylon1883-982c to 16c include shade of 8c SG 146/51 Used Ref 09041702A$270Photo
Ceylon1883-982c to 8c including shades SG 146/50 MLH Ref 09041703A$150Photo
Ceylon18855c on 24c green SG 154 Used Ref 09041626A$160Photo
Ceylon18855c on 96c drab SG 159 Used Ref 09061903A$120Photo
Ceylon1885Five values SG172/6 Used Ref 09041701A$550Photo
Ceylon1902Envelope HG31 Six cents dark brown on white laid paper tied with 5c dull purple SG195 and 4c yellow SG 258 to Batavia via Singapore B/S V-1 Agent Singapore 20/6/1902A$400Photo
Ceylon1903-05Set of 12 SG 265/76 MLHA$280Photo
Ceylon1904-05Set of 12 SG 277/88 MLHA$110Photo
Ceylon1910-11Set of 9 SG 292/300 MHA$240Photo
Ceylon1912-2550r. Dull purple SG 320 MLHA$600Photo
China / Hong Kong1897"China Hong Kong Combination Postcard to Italy. China 1897 (mar) ""1c on 1c"" (2) I.C.P. (Imperial Chinese Post) 2c (#48,88)tied on Bridge(mountains,river,boat,tree) illustrated Postcard with ""Chungking Postal Service"" imprint by Chunking 18 MAR 98 dollar dater with Shanghai 7 APR 98 dollar dater alongside. Hong Kong 1882 Queen Victoria 2c Rose Pair (#36) tied by Shanghai(British PO) AP 11 98 ""C"" cds, Hong Kong transit cds, small faults, still a Fine & Rare usage, signed ""AD"" (Diena)"A$10000Photo
China Amoy BPO1911"Registered cover from Amoy to Hong Kong with KEVII 6 x 4c grey & 1 x 2c red tied by ""AMOY NO 24 11""cds with black ""AMOY B.P.O./R/No.133"" Registration h/s. Arrival b/s ""Registered GPO Hong Kong 27 NO 11"""A$2500Photo
China Tientsin BPO1911"Hong Kong Treaty Ports Tientsin REG to London. Registered Mourning Cover franked by a KEVII 4c Red Block of 4, tied by ""TIENTSIN BR.P.O."" cds with red ""TIENTSIN B.P.O./R/No.3914"" Registration h/s London & Hammersmith receivers. Attractive & extremely scarce."A$900Photo
Cocos (Keeling) Is1945Air Letter to United Kingdom postmarked RAFPOST 301 mention mail diffultiesA$250Photo
Cocos (Keeling) Is1945RAFPOST 301 Air mail envelope with 4 page enclosure mentions wooden packing case and post officeA$280Photo
Cocos Is1954Cover commemorating the Royal Visit with 2 Singapore stamps.A$150Photo
Cocos Is1954Illustrated cover with four Malay States stamps to MaltaA$150Photo
Cook Islands1892Federation 1d to 10d SG 1-4 on philatelic cover to Adelaide, superb rounded-boxed registration d/s in violet, a few faults. Ref 09041705A$550Photo
Cook Islands1892Set of 4 SG1-4 Used Ref 09050712A$400Photo
Cook Islands1893"Proofs: Progressive die proofs of the vignette (head) each with a heavy border, numbered ""4"" (black face), ""20"" & ""43"" from the series of 44 such proofs pulled by Cousins. Ex Lady Maire Bury." Ref 660207A$1200Photo
Cook Islands1893Queen Makea three black progressive die proofs imperforate, very scarce, ex Lady Bury. Ref 09061909A$1200Photo
Cook Islands1893Set of 5 Proofs of Queen MakeaA$1000Photo
Cook Islands1893-1900Set of 10 plus shades SG 11-20 Mint Ref 09050714A$600Photo
Cook Islands1893-1900Set of 10 SG 11/20 Used Ref 09050713A$300Photo
Cook Islands1893-1900Set of 6 SG 5-10 Mint Ref 09050711A$200Photo
Cook Islands1893-1900Set of 6 SG 5/10 FU Ref 670207A$150Photo
Cook Islands1894Queen Makea Takau 1d blue to 10d green SG 6/10 on philatelic cover to Melbourne Ref 09041706A$450Photo
Cook Islands19011d brown SG 22 Used Ref 09050718A$200Photo
Cook Islands1902"Cover to the United States with scarce albeit philatelic franking of Perf 11 1/- deep carmine SG 20a tied by double-circle cds of JL2402 (month first), small ""R"" in-circle h/s, Auckland & Honolulu transit h/s, the upper portion slightly ""suntanned"". Ref 690207A$600Photo
Cook Islands1902Set of 9 SG 28/36 Used Ref 09050721A$350Photo
Cook Islands1913-191d deep mauve SG 42 Mint Ref 09050720A$150Photo
Cook Islands1919(15 Jun) Registered letter to United Kingdom with pair of Queen Makea Takau 1½d deep mauveA$150Photo
Cook Islands1920Five values in Proof Block of 4A$750Photo
Cook Islands1922Cover to New Zealand with an Queen Makea Takau 1d redA$125Photo
Cook Islands192610/- brown-red SG88 Mint Ref 09050809A$125Photo
Cook Islands19262/- blue SG 85 MUH Ref 09050805A$300Photo
Cook Islands19262/- blue SG85 MLH Ref 09050806A$200Photo
Cook Islands19262/6 deep grey-brown SG86 MLH Ref 09050807A$100Photo
Cook Islands19265/- yellow-green SG87 MLH Ref 09050808A$100Photo
Cook Islands1931-32Set to 1 SG 95/98 Mint Ref 09050724A$275Photo
Cook Islands19324d black and bright blue Perf compound 14 and 13 SG 103c in pair MUH Ref 09062201A$300Photo
Cook Islands19324d black and bright blue Perf compound of 14 and 13 SG 103c MUH Ref 09050814A$125Photo
cook Islands1932centre proof of 4d Port of Avarua Ref 09061908A$150Photo
Cook Islands1932Plate Proof of 4d SG 103A$150Photo
Cook Islands19341d Captain Cook usage tied to piece by ' DANGER ISLAND/NZ' cdsA$175Photo
Cook Islands1934Postage Due cover to GB with 1d Cook tied by indistinct large Rarotonga cds with 'COLLECT/1/1D/AFFIX STAMPS/BEFORE/DELIVERY' double ring postaged due cdsA$260Photo
Cook Islands1934Rare First Flight Cover to Switzerland. Ref 09061906A$250Photo
Cook Islands19352d blue imperf pair with narrow E with certificate. Ref 09061907A$500Photo
Cook Islands1936-44Set of 4 SG122/3b MLH Ref 09050722A$1500Photo
Cook Islands1936-443 green SG123b MLH Ref 09050811A$600Photo
Cook Islands1938Set of 3 SG 127/9 MUH Ref 09050815A$120Photo
Cook Islands1943-541 pink SG134 MUH Ref 09050816A$100Photo
Cook Islands1943-543 green Wmk inverted SG135w MUH Ref 09050812A$200Photo
Cook Islands1944-461/- to 3/- SG143-5 in block of 4 MUH Ref 09050810A$500Photo
Cook Islands1979Error 10c on 1c Cockle shell surcharge inverted SG 647a MUHA$250Photo
Cook Islands & Dependencies We have a stockbook full of Cook Islands & Dependencies stamps. Please ask us for detailsA$ Photo
Cook Islands / Penrhyn Island1920"1d black and deep violet SG 34 in pair, with part double perf error on top two stamps.Mint" Ref 09041719A$150Photo
Cook Islands / Penrhyn Island19201d Captain Cook SG 72 Block of 4. 2 units imperf at the base. MUH Ref 09041718A$1500Photo
Cyprus We have a stockbook full of British Antarctic stamps. Ask us for detailsA$ Photo
Cyprus18801s green Mint part original gumA$700Photo
Cyprus1881d on 1d red Plate No. 208 SG 7 Mint Ref 09041706A$180Photo
Cyprus1894-96Set of 10 SG 40/9 UsedA$350Photo
Cyprus1934Set of 11 SG 133/43 FUA$120Photo
Cyprus1962500m & £1 SG 222/23 MUHA$150Photo
Cyprus1963Scouts MS MNH Ref 3070207A$150Photo
Dominica18801d lilac SG 1 Unused Mint no gumA$150Photo
Dominica1903-07Set of 10 SG 27/36 MLHA$340Photo
Dominica1908-21Set of 10 Ex ½d SG 48/54 MLHA$220Photo
Dominica1921-22Set of 8 SG 62/70 MLHA$140Photo
Dominica1923-33Set to 5s Ex 1d black and scarlet (16 value) SG 71/88 MLHA$180Photo
Egypt British Forces1932-33Christmas Seal Imperf Proof in block of 4 SG A1 MUHA$750Photo
Falkland Islands We have a stockbook full of Falkland Islands stamps. Ask us for detailsA$ Photo
Falkland Islands1878-794d grey-black SG2 with hugh margin. UsedA$300Photo
Falkland Islands1884/85Postal Cards HG1 PENNYHALFPENNY Head of QV with reply card attached MintA$100Photo
Falkland Islands1891-19022d reddish purple SG 26 in full sheet of 60 MintA$750Photo
Falkland Islands18982s 6d deep blue SG 41 MLHA$400Photo
Falkland Islands18985s red SG 42 MLHA$350Photo
Falkland Islands1898Set of 2 SG 41/42 FU Ref 790207A$900Photo
Falkland Islands1901Cover addressed to Massachusetts, USA On the return voyage vessels of the Pacific Steam Navigation Co. called at Montevideo and Rio de Janeiro where ail for countries other than the UK would be transferred. Endorse: "c/o Adams Express Co." --- only three such endorsments recorded. Postal Rates to Foreign Countries, 2d per oz. cds Falkland Islands, Mrch, 1901, with Barnes Type F 4B Carrid on the SS Liguria Backstamped New York My 9 1901 Springfield, Mass. May 9, 1901A$2500Photo
Falkland Islands1904-125/- red SG 50 Used Ref 09062001A$250Photo
Falkland Islands1904-12Definitive set + varieties MLH Ref 09061205A$1250Photo
Falkland Islands1904-12Set of 8 SG 43/50 inc. 46b Used Ref 09061924A$900Photo
Falkland Islands1912-20Set of 11 SG 60/9 Fine Used Ref 09061206A$2000Photo
Falkland Islands1912-20Set of 27, watermark multiple crown CA. SG60-9A$3500Photo
Falkland Islands1912-201 black/red SG 69 Mint Hinged. Ref 09062003A$950Photo
Falkland Islands1912-201 black/red SG 69 Used Ref 09062002A$1000Photo
Falkland Islands1914Naval battle postcardA$40Photo
Falkland Islands1921-28Set of 8 + shades SG 73/80 Fine used Ref 09050818A$800Photo
Falkland Islands19292d deep blue SG 76b South Shetlands to USA with Andrews Type SS3 Cancel Ref 09062006A$500Photo
Falkland Islands1929-36Definitive set complete with shades (22 values) SG 116/26 VFUA$1900Photo
Falkland Islands1929-36Set of 11 to 1 SG 116/26 Used Ref 09062004A$1400Photo
Falkland Islands19332s 6d black and violet SG 135 MLHA$200Photo
Falkland Islands19336d black and slate SG 133 MLHA$100Photo
Falkland Islands1933Centenary of British Administration Ref 09062005A$6250Photo
Falkland Islands1937Plain registered FDC to QueenslandA$40Photo
Falkland Islands1938-50Definitives set of 18 SG 146/63 Mint light hinged Ref 820207A$350Photo
Falkland Islands1938-50Definitives set of 18 SG 146/63 MUH Ref 810207A$600Photo
Falkland Islands1948Royal Silver Wedding SG 166/7 Mint unhinged Ref 830207A$150Photo
Falkland Islands1952Set of 14 SG 172/85 MUHA$250Photo
Falkland Islands Dependenices1912South George (Feb 13)registered "Lawson" cover to Liverpool franked 1891-1902 9d cancelled South Georgia SG1 cds (type SG1) with small "South Georgiia" imprint (SGZ2) below,cover folds well clear of adhesive. Ref 09050804A$2500Photo
Fiji We have a stockbook full of Fiji stamps. Ask us for detailsA$ Photo
Fiji1870-711/- black/rose SG9 Used Ref 09050907A$2800Photo
Fiji1870-713d black/rose SG2 Used Ref 09040710A$3500Photo
Fiji1870-716d black/rose SG3 Used Ref 09040711A$3500Photo
Fiji1870-71Reprint of Time Express stamps in a stripA$900Photo
Fiji18711d blue SG 10 MH Ref 840207A$100Photo
Fiji18711d blue SG10 Used Ref 09050908A$180Photo
Fiji18713d deeper yellow-green. Printers trial read note after SG33 MLHA$100Photo
Fiji18713d pale yellow-green SG11 Mint Ref 09050909A$200Photo
Fiji18716d rose SG12 Mint Ref 09050910A$225Photo
Fiji187212c on 6d carmine-rose SG15 Used Ref 09050914A$150Photo
Fiji18722c on 1d pale blue SG13 Mint Ref 09050911A$90Photo
Fiji18722c on 1d pale blue SG13 Used Ref 09050912A$120Photo
Fiji18726c on 3d yellow-green SG14 Used Ref 09050913A$105Photo
Fiji187412c on 6d rose SG18 Mint Ref 09050918A$1200Photo
Fiji187412c on 6d rose SG18 Used Ref 09050919A$350Photo
Fiji18742c on 1d blue SG19 Used repair faults Ref 09050920A$200Photo
Fiji18746c on 3d green SG17 Mint no gum Corner missing Ref 09050916A$500Photo
Fiji18746c on 3d green SG17 repair faults Used Ref 09050915A$400Photo
Fiji18746c on 3d green SG20 Mint with 2 certificates Ref 09050906A$1800Photo
Fiji18746c on 3d green SG20 Used faults Ref 09050921A$500Photo
Fiji1876-771d grey-blue imperf SG28 double print Ref 09050901A$450Photo
Fiji1876-772d on 3d Deep yellow-green SG32a Used Ref 09050924A$110Photo
Fiji1876-772d on 3d yellow-green SG32 Ref 09050923A$100Photo
Fiji1876-773 Trials Proof. Ref 09062203A$750Photo
Fiji1876-77SG17 with missing 2nd opt. Trial Mint Ref 09050922A$500Photo
Fiji18774d on 3d mauve SG34 Mint Ref 09050926A$150Photo
Fiji1878-99'VR'(Altered 'CR')Dies 1d, 2d, 3d, 4d & 6d imperforate plate proof blocks of 4 in issued colour on very thin ungummed unwatermarked woven paper, some toning and creasing. The 3d, 4d & 6d are Ex Robertson: they realised 1430 at auction in 1992 Ref 09062204A$4500Photo
Fiji1878-991d dull blue SG39 Mint Ref 09050903A$110Photo
Fiji1878-994d on 2d pale mauve SG 42 double overprint MH. Slight tone Ref 850207A$250Photo
Fiji1878-994d on 2d pale mauve SG42 Mint Ref 09050902A$115Photo
Fiji1881-18991/- stamp pane of 16 The Fournier forgery Ref 09060602A$450Photo
Fiji1881-1899The Fournier forgery. 1/- complete sheet of 16, imperforate, showing distinct shades of brown Ref 09060603A$450Photo
Fiji1881-991/- pale brown SG 64 MLH Ref 09061207A$140Photo
Fiji1881-991/- pale brown SG 67 MUH Ref 09061209A$100Photo
Fiji18912d on 2d green SG 71 in pair Mint Hinged Ref 09062511A$500Photo
Fiji1892-935d on 6d SG 74/75 Mint hinged Ref 09062205A$200Photo
Fiji1892-93d on 1d dull blue and 5d on 4d deep purple SG 72/73 Mint Ref 09062512A$500Photo
Fiji19035s and 1 SG 113/114 overprinted SPECIMEN MLH Ref 860207A$450Photo
Fiji19031grey-black and ultramarine overprinted SPECIMEN SG 114s MLH Ref 870207A$200Photo
Fiji1904-12Set of 10 + 6d variety SG 115-23 MLH Ref 09062206A$280Photo
Fiji1906-12Revenue 1 purple and black/red opt RA$300Photo
Fiji1906-12Set of 7 SG 118/24 MLH Ref 09062401A$600Photo
Fiji1906-12Set of 7 SG 118/24 Used Ref 09062403A$600Photo
Fiji1906-121 purple and black/red overprinted SPECIMEN SG 124s Mint Ref 880207A$500Photo
Fiji1912-23Revenue 1 purple and black/red optd R Ref 09062505A$280Photo
Fiji1912-23Set of 13 + shades SG 125/37 Ref 09062404A$600Photo
Fiji1912-23Set of 13 SG 125/37 with Dies and Shades Catalogue value of 650 MLH and MUH Ref 09062510A$1150Photo
Fiji1912-231 purple and black/red SG 137 Fine Used Ref 09062501A$500Photo
Fiji1912-231 purple and black/red SG 137a Die II VFU Ref 890207A$550Photo
Fiji1915-19"d green War Tax overprint inverted SG 138c unused, stain on reverse with RPSL certificate" Ref 09062208A$800Photo
Fiji1915-191d carmine War Tax Inverted overprint SG 139c Mint Ref 09062209A$1100Photo
Fiji1918Postage Due Set of 5 SG D6/10 Used Ref 09062502A$155Photo
Fiji1938-55Set of 22 SG 249/66b MLH Ref 09062506A$250Photo
Fiji1939-403/- Booklet including four advertising pages SG SB3a Ref 09060604A$1500Photo
Fiji1940Postage Due Set of 8 D11/18 Used Ref 09062402A$1000Photo
Fiji1940Postage Due Set of 8 SG D11/18 MLH Ref 09062503A$180Photo
Fiji1954-59Set of 15 SG 249/66b MUH Ref 09062507A$160Photo
Gambia1880-811s deep green SG 20A MH Ref 350107A$600Photo
Gambia1886-931s deep violet in a block of 15 MUH with margin all around. SG36 Ref 09033008A$200Photo
Gambia1909Part set of 10 from 2d to 3s Ex ½d + 1d SG 74/85 MHA$150Photo
Gambia1935Silver Jubilee set on a registered air mail cover to Scotland.A$275Photo
Gibraltar We have a stockbook full of Gibraltar stamps. Ask us for detailsA$ Photo
Gibraltar1886d to 2d Set of 4 SG 1/4 Mint hinged A$300Photo
Gibraltar1938-51Set of 14 SG 121/31 UsedA$120Photo
Gold Coast1881Addah - Rare complete cover to Italy with oval intaglio "POST OFFICE/GOLD COAST/ADDAH" Cancels.A$3500Photo
Gold Coast1883½d olive-yellow SG 9 MHA$250Photo
Gold Coast1889-94"20s dull mauve and black/red optd ""Specimen SG 25 MLH"A$225Photo
Gold Coast1889-945s dull mauve and blue SG 22 MHA$100Photo
Gold Coast1902"Unissued 10s green and red/green optd ""Specimen"" MLH"A$400Photo
Gold Coast1913-2110s purple and black/red SG 84 Very fine MLHA$225Photo
Gold Coast1935airmail envelope from London to Accra. On arrival horizontal pair 3d and a single 2d postage due tied "REGISTERED ACCRA GOLD COAST' d/s paying mms charge. "PARIS" slogan transit d/s on reverse.A$750Photo
Gold Coast19391939 (23) sep Airmail From Southend Of Takoradi, Underfranked By Great Britan 1934 1s, Tied By Machine Cancel With London Tax Mark Alongside. Deficency Paid By 1923 2d Black Postage Due x3, Applied To Reverse On Arrival And Tied By Takoradi CDS Of '3 Oct 39'. Minor Cover Faults But A Scarce Usage. Ref 09033007A$500Photo
Great Britain1800s"""Mulready"" type propaganda envelope "" Nation shall not lift..they learn war anymore"" engraved by J Valentine Dundee Black on blue paper Mint"A$150Photo
Great Britain1800s"""Mulready"" type propaganda envelope ""God hath made of one blood all nations of men"" engraved by J Valentin, Dundee Black on cream paper Mint"A$150Photo
Great Britain1840"""Mulready"" type propaganda letter sheet ""Nation shall not lift.they learn war anymore"" engraved by J Valetine,Dundee Black on cream paper,Mint"A$175Photo
Great Britain1840"Mulready" type propaganda envelope ""God hath made of one blood all nations of men"" engraved by J Valentine, Dundee Black on blue paper Mint"A$150Photo
Great Britain1840(August 16) part entire from Plymouth franked 1d black Plate 2 "RI" four margins with ragged left and right separation and tied red MC, missent via WREXHAM (red transit) to RHUABON where mss "not known at" and undated d/arc h/s in black applied. Further mss in magenta correctly identifying address as "Buxton Derbyshire" by inspector who applies b/s of four-point hollwo star in red. Some staining/soiling, scare combination of markings.A$900Photo
Great Britain1840(May 26) 1d black "JC" Plate 1a tied by red Maltese Cross of Birmingham to outer addressed Usk/Monmouthsh., 4 margin early date example SG-Spec AS2 (A1)tj cat 750A$1200Photo
Great Britain18401d black on bleute paper SG 2a Spec AS15N FUA$750Photo
Great Britain18401d intense black Plate 2 SG 1 FUA$450Photo
Great Britain18401d intense black Plate 6 SG 1 Fine used Irregular left side.A$400Photo
Great Britain18401d intense black SG1 Used Ref 09040704A$275Photo
Great Britain18401d intense black with double-struck black M/C and 3 margins, other touching (base), cancel not tied, on entire to Edinburgh, b/s LYRSTER s/line in black and MAR 20 1841 in orange.A$500Photo
Great Britain18401d Mulready Envelope used. Back of cover two circular postmarks. "Darlington AU18 1842 B" and "Durham AU17 1842".A$500Photo
Great Britain18402d pale blue Plate 1 SG 6 VFUA$900Photo
Great Britain1840Coal Receipt Cover London to Surrey with Penny Black 3 MarginsA$375Photo
Great Britain1841(Jan 31)entire with some light pencil notations (removable) Newton Stewart to Edinburgh with 1d black Plate 6 "NF" tied magenta MC, four margin example (possible nick at base)with 2004 RPSL certificate, SG-Spec AS41vdA$5500Photo
Great Britain1841(January 13) outer to London franked 1d black Plate 9 "OJ" three large margins (inc top of stamp below) with fourth touching upper left, b/s octagonal "PD/12NN/JA 13/1841" in red, London MC-type "C+/15JA15/1841" and Inspector's Mark lower-case initialss. Light soiling.A$800Photo
Great Britain1847-5410d brown SG 57 Fine used with postmark "67"A$1250Photo
Great Britain1847-541s green SG 55 Fine usedA$750Photo
Great Britain1855-571s. Green SG 72 MintA$500Photo
Great Britain1855-571s. Pale green SG 73 Mint Torn on the leftA$260Photo
Great Britain1855-574d rose-carmine SG 66 Mint with CertificateA$750Photo
Great Britain1862-641s deep green SG 91 Superb VFUA$180Photo
Great Britain1862-641s. Green SG 90 in strip of 3 UsedA$250Photo
Great Britain1862-641s. Green SG 90 Plate 1 Mint Cut intoA$260Photo
Great Britain1862-643d bright carmine-rose SG 76 MintA$625Photo
Great Britain1862-643d deep carmine-rose SG 75 Mint Missing perf upper left cornerA$350Photo
Great Britain1862-643d deep carmine-rose SG 75 Mint RepairedA$150Photo
Great Britain1862-643d pale carmine-rose SG 77 MintA$625Photo
Great Britain1862-646d lilac SG 85 Mint Bottom couple perf shortA$680Photo
Great Britain1862-649d bistre Plate 2 SG 86 UsedA$190Photo
Great Britain1862-649d straw SG 87 Mint Faults Catalogue 2500A$400Photo
Great Britain1862-649d straw SG 87 Superb VFUA$700Photo
Great Britain1862-649d straw SG 87 UsedA$200Photo
Great Britain1865-671s green Thick paper SG 101b UsedA$150Photo
Great Britain1865-673d rose SG 92 MintA$150Photo
Great Britain1867-8010d red-brown SG 112 MLHA$1200Photo
Great Britain1867-8010d red-brown SG 112 Used Short perfsA$150Photo
Great Britain1867-802s brown SG 121 Used Catalogue 1800A$1400Photo
Great Britain1867-806d mauve SG 109 MintA$275Photo
Great Britain1872-736d grey SG 125 pair UsedA$250Photo
Great Britain1873-802d rosy mauve (white paper) Plate 16 SG 141 MintA$300Photo
Great Britain1873-802d rosy mauve (white paper) Plate 17 SG 141 UsedA$200Photo
Great Britain1873-802d rosy mauve (white paper) Plate 3 SG 139 Mint Couple tone spotsA$200Photo
Great Britain1873-80Colour trial of 4d in pale orange-brown with CertificateA$400Photo
Great Britain1880-831s orange-brown Plate 13 SG 163 UsedA$125Photo
Great Britain1880-836d on 6d lilac SG 162 Mint Some tone spotsA$200Photo
Great Britain1881"1d lilac Die I SG 170 optd Specimen double, one inverted MH"A$350Photo
Great Britain1881"1d lilac Die I SG 170 perforated ""B. T"" Board of Trade pair, one has a gum bend. MUH"A$500Photo
Great Britain18811d lilac Die II SG 172 with offset MUHA$300Photo
Great Britain1881Registered envelope(2d blue QV embossed head) addressed to Germany bearing 2½d blue QV SG142 tied by BN446 & oval Registered Liverpool with oval Registered London cancel in red & German arrival labelA$180Photo
Great Britain1882-1901Inland Revenue Official 1s. green SG O16 UsedA$150Photo
Great Britain1883-842s 6d lilac SG 178 Mint with faultsA$175Photo
Great Britain1883-845s. rose SG 180 Mint HingedA$$1,200Photo
Great Britain1883-84Colour trial of 1d no wmk MLHA$475Photo
Great Britain1883-86Government Parcels 6d dull green SG O62 UsedA$275Photo
Great Britain1883-86Government Parcels 9d dull green SG O63 Mint Hinged.A$900Photo
Great Britain18841 brown-lilac SG 185 UsedA$1600Photo
Great Britain1886"Registered envelope(2d blue QV embossed head) addressed to Dunedin NZ bearing 1/- SG 196 & 3 x 2d SG 189 tied by oval Registered WDO London cancel, b/s Grosvenor St. W cds & large oval Registered Dunedin cancel.Unfortunately notated in blue biro on front and stamp slightly trimmed at base. Rare cover"A$200Photo
Great Britain1887-189210d dull purple & dp dull carmine SG 210a MLHA$350Photo
Great Britain1887-18921s. Dull green SG 211 MLHA$200Photo
Great Britain1887-18924d green & deep brt carmine SG 206a MLHA$350Photo
Great Britain1887-18925d dull purple & blue (Die I) SG 207 MLHA$525Photo
Great Britain1887-1892Set from ½d to £1 opvtd SPECIMEN MintA$1900Photo
Great Britain1887-1892Set of 14 to 1s MLH,MUHA$800Photo
Great Britain1887-90Government Parcels 1s. dull green SG O68 Mint HingedA$225Photo
Great Britain18881 brown-lilac SG 186 Used some faultsA$1500Photo
Great Britain18911 green SG 212 fine usedA$900Photo
Great Britain1894North Staffordshire Railway Cover to LondonA$75Photo
Great Britain1896-02Office of Works 1d lilac SG O33 Mint Lightly HingedA$200Photo
Great Britain1902Royal Household 1d scarlet SG O92 Mint Lightly HingedA$200Photo
Great Britain19021 dull blue-green SG 266 Used Slight thin on upper right, not noticeable from the front.A$600Photo
Great Britain1902-03Office of Works 2d ultramarine SG O39 UsedA$250Photo
Great Britain1902-1010s. ultramarine SG 265 MUHA$2800Photo
Great Britain1902-102s 6d SG 260 Mint light hinged. Ref 010707A$500Photo
Great Britain1902-105s. bright carmine SG 263 Mint HingedA$225Photo
Great Britain1911Pair with FDIA$60Photo
Great Britain19121d Duberal envelope commercially used to Sweden in 1913 with Levuka cds & Suva machine b/s, Sewdish postage due label, 4o & 20o affixed in lieu of Postage Dues & cancelled with pencil, two different Stockholm b/s.A$1250Photo
Great Britain1924-26Set of 12 to 1/- with extra 6d shade SG 418/29 MUHA$450Photo
Great Britain1935Jubilee Booklet stamps on cover. 5 stamps on reverseA$100Photo
Great Britain1935Silver Jubilee complete set on registered cover tied by oval registered cancel of Gracechurch St dated 10.05.1935A$125Photo
Great Britain1937-474d grey-green SG 468 Imperf Cancelled with 2 bands. Used as training stampA$350Photo
Great Britain1939-48KGVI set of 6 SG 476-78b MLHA$275Photo
Great Britain1948Silver Wedding set on registered handwritten Illustrated FDC from London to AustraliaA$700Photo
Great Britain1951Festival Slogan hand written plain FDCA$200Photo
Great Britain1953Coronation Illustrated FDC A$500Photo
Great Britain1957Inter-Parliamentary Union Typed Illustrated FDC to AustraliaA$200Photo
Great Britain1975Royal cover from Balmoral CastleA$75Photo
Great Britain German Forgeries1944"WW2 German propaganda "" forgeries ½d green overprinted 'Liquidation of Empire Trindad'. MUH"A$125Photo
Great Britain German Forgeries1944"WW2 German propaganda "" forgeries 1½d brown overprinted 'Liquidation of Empire Bahamas'. MUH"A$125Photo
Great Britain German Forgeries1944"WW2 German propaganda "" forgeries 1½d brown showing Stalin and KG. MUH"A$250Photo
Great Britain German Forgeries1944"WW2 German propaganda "" forgeries 1d red overprinted 'Liquidation of Empire Barbados'. MUH"A$125Photo
Great Britain German Forgeries1944"WW2 German propaganda "" forgeries 2½d blue overprinted 'Liquidation of Empire Jamaica'. MUH"A$125Photo
Great Britain German Forgeries1944"WW2 German propaganda "" forgeries 3d violet overprinted 'Liquidation of Empire Barbados'. MUH"A$125Photo
Great Britain German Forgeries1944"WW2 German propaganda ""THIS IS A JEWSH WAR"" forgeries ½d green. MUH."A$250Photo
Great Britain QEII We have a stockbook full of Great Britain QEII stamps. Ask us for detailsA$ Photo
Great Britain Sweden1916Cover to Sweden - cachet Damaged by fire on S.S.NewtonA$600Photo
Great Britain Sweden1916Cover to Sweden - cachet Damaged by fire on S.S.NewtonA$300Photo
Grenada1895-99Set of 8 SG48/55 MLHA$170Photo
Grenada1913-22Set of 10 SG 89/101 MHA$140Photo
Grenada1921-32"Set of 22 SG 112/19, 121/34 MH"A$200Photo
Grenada1934-36Set of 10 SG 135/44 MUHA$120Photo
Grenada1938-5010s steel blue and bright carmine SG163a MUH Light tone. Ref 09033005A$280Photo
Guernsey We have a stockbook full of Guernsey stamps. Ask us for detailsA$ Photo
Hong Kong1862-632c brown SG 1 Mint no gum. Ref 09062619A$250Photo
Hong Kong1863-7124c green SG14 Mint repaired LRC Ref 09033017A$400Photo
Hong Kong1863-7130c mauve SG16 MLH Ref 09033018A$300Photo
Hong Kong1863-7130c mauve SG16 MLH Repaired LLC Ref 09033019A$200Photo
Hong Kong1863-714c slate Perf 12 SG 9f Used Ref 09033014A$350Photo
Hong Kong1863-716c lilac SG10 Mint Regummed Ref 09033015A$350Photo
Hong Kong1863-71Short set of 5 from 2c to 12c SG 8-12a Mint. Ref 09033034A$1100Photo
Hong Kong1874-1902Postal Fiscal $10 rose-carmine SG F3 used crease. Ref 09033012A$450Photo
Hong Kong1874-1902Postal Fiscal $2 olive-green SG F1 Mint crease Ref 09033009A$350Photo
Hong Kong1874-1902Postal Fiscal $3 dull violet SG F2 Mint No Gum Ref 09033010A$350Photo
Hong Kong1874-1902Postal Fiscal $3 dull violet SG F2 Mint with 2 creases. Ref 09033011A$250Photo
Hong Kong1876-7716c on 18c lilac SG20 Used 09033022A$225Photo
Hong Kong188010c on 16c yellow SG26 Used. Ref 09033024A$220Photo
Hong Kong188010c on 24c green SG 27 Used Ref 09062623A$100Photo
Hong Kong18802c dull rose SG 28 Mint no gum Ref 09062624A$120Photo
Hong Kong18805c on 8c brt orange SG23 Used Ref 09033023A$160Photo
Hong Kong1882-9610c Green SG 37a Mint toned. Ref 09062622A$100Photo
Hong Kong1882-9610c purple/red and 30c yellowish green SG 38-9 Mint hinged. Ref 09033025A$250Photo
Hong Kong1883"Cover to USA bearing 2 x 10c mauve QV tied by B62 & HK despatch,b/s USA arrival date stamp"A$600Photo
Hong Kong188550c on 48c SG41 Mint Rust and tone Ref 09033026A$400Photo
Hong Kong1890"Cover to USA 10c violet on red QV tied to partial B62 cancel Webb Type D2 (only the second example of this type ever recorded) & circular HONK KONG/C/ NO24/91 cds, b/s Received Phila. & San Francisco arrival markings"A$400Photo
Hong Kong189120c on 30c yellowish green & 50c on 48c dull purple.SG 48-49 Mint Ref 09033028A$200Photo
Hong Kong189150c on 48c dull purple SG 46 Perfin Used Ref 09062625A$150Photo
Hong Kong18917c on 10c green Antique "t" in cents. SG43a. Ref 09033027A$230Photo
Hong Kong1891Jubilee 2c carmine SG 51 in pair used left stamp with "Tall k" variety Ref 09062703A$800Photo
Hong Kong1891Jubilee 2c carmine SG 51,in block of 4 MLH and MUH Ref 09062701A$8000Photo
Hong Kong1898$1 on 96c Grey-black SG 52a Crease Mint Hinged Ref 09062626A$150Photo
Hong Kong1900-01Set of 6 SG 56-61 MLH Ref 09033029A$230Photo
Hong Kong1911"Tientsin BPO Registered Mourning cover franked by a KEVII 4c Red block of 4(2 pairs) tied by 'TIENTSIN Br. P.P.' cds with Red 'TIENTSIN B.P.O./R/No.3914"" Registration h/s London & Hammersmith receivers. Attractive & extremely scarce"A$900Photo
Hong Kong1912-21$5 green and red/green on white back SG 115a. Ref 09033031A$950Photo
Hong Kong1912-216c yellow-orange SG 103 in block of 30 MUH Ref 09062629A$300Photo
Hong Kong1921-372c blue-green SG 118 in block of 12 MUH Ref 09062630A$250Photo
Hong Kong1922(Apr 22) Cover to England via Kobe JapanA$500Photo
Hong Kong1923-3730c purple and chrome-yellow SG 127 in block of 12 MUH Ref 09062628A$400Photo
Hong Kong1935Silver Jubilee 3c Lighting conductor Flaw MLHA$650Photo
Hong Kong1935Silver Jubilee set on Registered Letter to the United States.A$475Photo
Hong Kong1935Silver Jubilee SG 133/36 in block of 4 MUH Ref 09062702A$700Photo
Hong Kong1937Coronation perforated SPECIMEN SG 137/39 MLHA$350Photo
Hong Kong193850c deep magneta, Script wmk Perf 14, variety "Printed both sides, inverted on reverse" (SG 153ab) Mint never hinged Come with BPA Certificate.A$2500Photo
Hong Kong1938-52$10 green and violet SG161 MLH Ref 09033033A$350Photo
Hong Kong1938-525 values 5c to 50c SG 141 to 153 MUH Ref 09062632A$120Photo
Hong Kong1944Prisoner of War Cover, from C.R.Jones, Prisoner of War Camp N, Kogunei-kita.Hong Kong. Censored on route to London, Examiner 7998. Sent to G. Douglas, Castle Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. Ref 09033032A$900Photo
Hong Kong1946Victory perforated SPECIMEN MUHA$250Photo
Hong Kong1954-62Set of 14 SG 178/91 MLH Ref 09062631A$150Photo
Hong Kong1954-62Set of 14 to $10 SG 178/191 MUHA$500Photo
Hong Kong1962-73$10 Ochre (sash) omitted SG 209a MUH Ref 09062627A$175Photo
India1828Letter to Singapore b/s Calcutta GPO1828 FreeA$275Photo
India1854-551a red SG12 in pair Used Ref 09040203A$200Photo
India1854-554a blue and pale red SG 18 Used Ref 09033121A$640Photo
India1854-55a deep blue SG10 Used Ref 09040202A$120Photo
India1854-55a indigo SG7 Used Ref 09040201A$150Photo
India1883-991a brown-purple Opt inverted SG O40a Used Ref 09062907A$900Photo
India1911King George V issue die proof of center in black. Ref 09033113A$950Photo
India1911-2217 values SG 152/189 MLH Ex 189 & 171 value used. Ref 09062707A$220Photo
India1911-22Set of 16 of 19 (ex 15R and 2 x 1R) SG 151/91 Ref 09033114A$500Photo
India1911-22Set of 19 SG 151/91 Used Ref 09062706A$120Photo
India1937-4015r brown and green SG 263 Used Ref 09062704A$100Photo
India1937-40Set of 18 + shades SG247-64 MUH Ref 09062709A$550Photo
India - Bamra1888"a black/rose Pos 1 ""p deopped"" SG 2 Mint"A$125Photo
India - Bamra1888a black/rose Pos 16 SG 2 MintA$120Photo
India - Bamra1888a black/rose Pos 3 SG 2 MintA$120Photo
India - Bamra1888a black/rose Pos 60 SG 2 MintA$130Photo
India - Barwani State19321/4 an. black "Rana Devi Singh" die proof Ref 09033112A$500Photo
India - Barwani State19321/4 an. black "Rana Devi Singh", die proof "BEFORE DESTRUCTION", scarce offer Ref 09033107A$500Photo
India - Barwani State19418a Booklet SB1 Ref 09033106A$550Photo
India - Bhopal1935-36Official 1/4 a. on 4a. Chocolate SG O322 FUA$180Photo
India - Bhor 1a brown Inverted frame Koeppel 151a Used Ref 09040304A$800Photo
India - Bijawar State1937Set of 5 SG 11-15 MLH Ref 09033120A$150Photo
India - Bundi State1941Officials Set of 7 SG O53/9 MLH Ref 09033118A$700Photo
India - Bundi State1941-44Set of 7 SG 79-85 MLH Ref 09033119A$150Photo
India - Chamba1887-955 r. SG 21 VFUA$500Photo
India - Chamba1938-40Official 9p green & 1a carmine SG O66/O67 Used Ref 09062710A$100Photo
India - Chamba1940-431r to 10r SG O83/86 MLH Ref 09062711A$250Photo
India - Chamba State1887-955r ultramarine and violet SG21 Used Ref 09040303A$500Photo
india - Gwalior1942-48King George 5r to 25r SG 114/7 and Official 2r to 10r SG O92/94 MUH Ref 09062705A$500Photo
India - Idar State1935Booklet of 32 One Anna stamps Ref 09033111A$450Photo
India - Jind State1885Set of 6 SG 1/6 MLH Ref 09040302A$1750Photo
India - Nandgaon18912a red imperf SG 4 Used Ref 09062708A$175Photo
Ionian Islands1859Set of 3 SG 1/3 MHA$175Photo
Ireland We have a stockbook full of Ireland stamps. Ask us for detailsA$ Photo
Ireland1925-282/6, 5/- and 10/- SG 86/88 MLH Ref 09040306A$450Photo
Ireland1925-282/6,5/- and 10/- SG83/85 MLH Ref 09040305A$400Photo
Ireland1937Set of 3 SG102/4 MLH Ref 09040308A$650Photo
Ireland1937Set of 3 SG102/4 Used Ref 09040307A$300Photo
Ireland1940-681d carmine coil pair SG112c MUH Ref 09040309A$125Photo
Ireland1940-68Set of 14 to 1/- SG 111-22 MUH Ref 09062915A$220Photo
Isle of Man We have a stockbook full of Isle of Man stamps. Ask us for detailsA$ Photo
Jersey We have a stockbook full of Jersey stamps. Ask us for detailsA$ Photo
Kenya1977Minerals 3/- Aquamarine missing Gold SG 117a Ref 09040310A$900Photo
Kuwait1923-24Set of 15 SG 1/15 UsedA$1500Photo
Malaya / BMA1945-48$5 green & red/emerald in block of 4 SG 17 MUH Ref 2700207A$700Photo
Malaya / Federated Malay States1900$1 green and pale green SG 11 MLH Ref 2350207A$300Photo
Malaya / Federated Malay States1904Revenue $250 violet & blue. FU Ref 2470207A$300Photo
Malaya / Federated Malay States1904-22Watermark Multiple Crown CA $25 green and orange, mint, traces of toning, otherwise fine. S.G. 51,cat 1,200.A$2400Photo
Malaya / Federated Malay States1906Opt on Labuan set 25c SG 141/51 MLHA$450Photo
Malaya / Federated Malay States1910"FMS Revenues large part of document bearing Elephant $25 [43] plus $2 [2] $5 oval Kuala Kangsar h/s and m/s lines, some imperfections but RARE and probably the largest Known multiple pf the $25"A$7500Photo
Malaya / Federated Malay States1922"Revenue $250 violet & blue, Script Wmk, Perf 14 (Barefoot No.12), unused, with large part original gum,with BPA certificate."A$2500Photo
Malaya / Federated Malay States1922-34$2 green and red/yellow opt SPECIMEN SG 79s MHA$100Photo
Malaya / Federated Malay States1922-34$5 green and red/green perforated Specimen SG 81s Superb MUHA$500Photo
Malaya / Federated Malay States1922-34Watermark Multiple Script CA $25 green and orange, fine mint, fresh appearance. S.G. 82, cat 900.A$2,400Photo
Malaya / Johore1891Die Proof of the VignetteA$800Photo
Malaya / Johore1891Set of 2c on 24c green SG 17/20 Mint no gumA$450Photo
Malaya / Johore1891Set of 7 SG 21/27 MH Ref 2090207A$170Photo
Malaya / Johore1912"3c on 8c dull purple and blue with variety ""T"" of ""CENTS"" omitted. In pair with normal SG 88/88a MLH"A$1200Photo
Malaya / Johore1922-40$100 green and scarlet SG 127 MUHA$3500Photo
Malaya / Johore19358c Accession perforated Specimen SG 129s Superb MUHA$100Photo
Malaya / Johore19408c Sultan perforated Specimen SG 130 MVLHA$90Photo
Malaya / Johore1949-55Definitive set SG 133/47 MUH Ref 2130207A$170Photo
Malaya / Kedah1912Set of 14 SG 1/14 MLHA$400Photo
Malaya / Kedah1919Surcharge set of 2 SG 24/25 MLH Ref 2160207A$180Photo
Malaya / Kedah1921-3250c to $5 SG 36/40 MLH Ref 2150207A$300Photo
Malaya / Kedah1922Malaya-Borneo Exhibition Set MLH SG41/8A$160Photo
Malaya / Kedah19372c bright green Die II SG 69 Mint lightly hinged.A$200Photo
Malaya / Kedah1937Set of 9 SG 60/68 MUH Ref 2160207A$500Photo
Malaya / Kedah1938-402c bright green Die II SG 69 MLHA$250Photo
Malaya / Kelantan1911-15Set to $25 including a numbers. SG 1/12 + 1a + 7a MLHA$400Photo
Malaya / Kelantan1911-15Set to13 SG 1/12 FUA$260Photo
Malaya / Kelantan1921-28Set of 13 SG 14/23 FU Ref 2170207A$240Photo
Malaya / Kelantan1928-35$1 blue perforated Specimen SG 39s Superb MUH Ref 2190207A$160Photo
Malaya / Kelantan1937-40Set of 15 SG 40/54 MLH Ref 2210207A$1300Photo
Malaya / Kelantan1937-40Set to $2 SG 40/53 FU Ref 2200207A$400Photo
Malaya / Kelantan1937-40Set to $2 SG 40/53 MLHA$450Photo
Malaya / Labuan18792c blue-green SG1 Used Ref 09040705A$1400Photo
Malaya / Labuan18852c on 8c carmine variety No dot at lower left. SG 23a Mint hinged. Toned Ref 2220207A$370Photo
Malaya / Labuan1894-965c green Perf 12-13 SG 65c MLH Ref 2230207A$130Photo
Malaya / Labuan1896Jubilee set of 6 SG 83/8 MH Ref 2240207A$350Photo
Malaya / Labuan18971c black and purple die proofA$3500Photo
Malaya / Labuan1897-189818c. black and olive-bistre perf. 13-14, fine mint from top of sheet, showing the unusual variety imperforate between stamp and margin, most unusual. S.G. 99var.A$675Photo
Malaya / Labuan1897-1901Set of 9 SG 89/97 MLH Ref 2250207A$300Photo
Malaya / Labuan1898Registered cover to Germany A$680Photo
Malaya / Labuan1900-02Set of 6 SG 111/16 MH Ref 2260207A$250Photo
Malaya / Labuan19018c. black and vermilion, with the extremely rare variety frame inverted, very fine c.t.o. B.P.A. Certificate (1999). S.G. D6ba, cat 9,000.A$22500Photo
Malaya / Labuan19044c opt Set SG 129/37 MH Ref 2270207A$250Photo
Malaya / Labuan1904-1905$5 bright purple, unused no gum as usual, fine and fresh appearance, very rare. Only 20 printed. B.P.A. Certificate (1998). S.G. 141, cat 6,000.A$9500Photo
Malaya / Malacca1949-52Definitive set SG 3/17 UsedA$150Photo
Malaya / Malay States We have a stockbook full of Malaya / Malay States stamps. Ask us for detailsA$ Photo
Malaya / Negri Sembilan1883-1884Sungei Ujong 2c. rose types 12 + 21 with uncatalogued variety UJONG double, mint, slight crease, otherwise fine. B.P.A. Certificate (1997). S.G. 33var.A$2500Photo
Malaya / Negri Sembilan1895-99Set of 10 SG 5/14 MLHA$750Photo
Malaya / Negri Sembilan1935-41"Set to $2 used, $5 mint SG 21/39" Ref 2290207A$220Photo
Malaya / Negri Sembilan1935-41Proof 50c blue Ref 2280207A$500Photo
Malaya / North Borneo1888Colour Trials set of 12 X 25c MUH Ref 2460207A$600Photo
Malaya / North Borneo1888Colour Trials set of 12 X 50c MUH Ref 2600207A$600Photo
Malaya / North Borneo1888-9225c indigo Imperf horizontal pair SG 45b Used Ref 2300207A$500Photo
Malaya / North Borneo1888-9250c violet SG 46 Mint Ref 2670207A$150Photo
Malaya / North Borneo18908c on 25c indigo SG 52 FU Ref 2320207A$200Photo
Malaya / North Borneo1890Surcharge set of 2 in red SG 51/52 Used Ref 2330207A$350Photo
Malaya / North Borneo18921c on 4c rose-pink Surch on back and on front SG 63b in block of 4 VFU Ref 2340207A$6500Photo
Malaya / North Borneo189718c SG 110a Imperf between horizontal pair CTO Ref 2680207A$850Photo
Malaya / North Borneo1897-190216c green and chestnut Fine used. SG 107. Used Ref 2620207A$150Photo
Malaya / North Borneo1897-19028c black and brown. Perf 14 1/2 - 15 SG 103a Used Ref 2610207A$130Photo
Malaya / North Borneo1897-1902Plate Proof 3c green & dull mauve SG 97 MLHA$800Photo
Malaya / North Borneo1899Surch short set to $2 SG 112/22 Used Ref 2690207A$150Photo
Malaya / North Borneo190110c no stop after Protecture Tone SG 134c MLH Ref 2660207A$300Photo
Malaya / North Borneo190110c SG 134e FU Ref 2640207A$130Photo
Malaya / North Borneo190116c Perf 14 1/2-15 SG 136a MLHA$160Photo
Malaya / North Borneo1901Postage Due 2c black and green SG D29 FU Ref 2720207A$225Photo
Malaya / North Borneo1901Postage Due 8c black and brown SG D28 VFU Ref 2710207A$150Photo
Malaya / North Borneo1901Set to $5 SG 127/44 MHA$900Photo
Malaya / North Borneo1904Cover to the United States Ref 1700207A$700Photo
Malaya / North Borneo1909Surch 20c on 18c blue-green Perf 14 1/2 - 15 SG 177a UsedA$120Photo
Malaya / North Borneo1909-23Set of 13 SG 158/76 (16c faults) MH Ref 2650207A$300Photo
Malaya / North Borneo1916Surcharge set of 3 SG 186/8 MLHA$150Photo
Malaya / North Borneo191812c + 2c Surch inverted Joined pair SG 224a Very fine MLH Ref 2590207A$2700Photo
Malaya / North Borneo1918Red Cross surcharge set of 17 MLHA$1800Photo
Malaya / North Borneo1918Set of 15 to $2 SG 214/32 MLHA$300Photo
Malaya / North Borneo1919-24Postage Due 16c Bird optd Specimen SG D65s MUHA$100Photo
Malaya / North Borneo19221c brown SG 253 with ""EXHIEITION"" variety MLH Ref 2730207A$300Photo
Malaya / North Borneo19225c orange-brown Imperf between (vert pair) Very fine MLHA$2600Photo
Malaya / North Borneo193150th Anniv of British North Borneo Company SG 295/302 MLHA$500Photo
Malaya / North Borneo1939$5 indigo and pale blue perforated Specimen SG 317s MLHA$300Photo
Malaya / North Borneo193920c violet and slate-blue SG 312 optd Specimen. Mint never hingedA$300Photo
Malaya / North Borneo19393c slate-blue and green SG 305 optd Specimen . MUH Ref 2500207A$150Photo
Malaya / North Borneo19394c Monkey optd Specimen. SG 306 MUH A hole is punched on the lower left on the 4 c value as it is normally done.A$400Photo
Malaya / North Borneo193950c chocolate and violet SG 314 optd Specimen. Mint never hingedA$300Photo
Malaya / North Borneo1939Imperforate Proof Set, Security Punched and numbered on reverse. MUH Ref 2750207A$2500Photo
Malaya / North Borneo1939New Pictorial Issue. Page of Printers Proofs, security punched and numbered on reverse. MUH Ref 2710207A$1700Photo
Malaya / North Borneo1939Set of 15 SG 303/17 Mint hingedA$800Photo
Malaya / North Borneo1939Set to $2 SG 303/16 MLHA$300Photo
Malaya / North Borneo 1944"Japanese Occupation $5 on $1 brown and carmine Used on piece, with certificate"A$8000Photo
Malaya / North Borneo 1944Japanese Occupation Revenue set of 4 NJR4/7 MLHA$250Photo
Malaya / Pahang188910c slate SG 3 MLH Ref 2560207A$360Photo
Malaya / Pahang1898Type 13 on plain paper (no stamp), 4c. black showing trace of pin-perf separations, fine used with Kuala Lipis c.d.s., rare. B.P.A. Certificate (1991) and R.P.S. Certificate (1992). S.G. 26, cat 3,500.A$9000Photo
Malaya / Pahang1898-99$1 green and pale green optd Pahang SG 23 MLH Ref 2570207A$500Photo
Malaya / Perak1882-18832c. pale rose, type 9, with variety overprint double, fine mint. B.P.A. Certificate (1996). S.G. 11a cat 650.A$1700Photo
Malaya / Perak1884-18912c. pale rose, variety overprint double, mint, minor corner crease, otherwise fine. B.P.A. Certificate (2003). S.G.20a, cat 1,500.A$3800Photo
Malaya / Perak1884-18912c. pale rose, variety overprint inverted, unused, large part original gum. S.G. 17b.A$900Photo
Malaya / Perak1884-912c pale rose opt double SG 17a Mint no gumA$750Photo
Malaya / Perak1884/1891Type 20 2c. pale rose, fine mint and rare,. R.P.S. Certificate (1954). S.G. 23, cat 3,250.A$7200Photo
Malaya / Perak18861c. on 2c. pale rose, a fine mint triplet with variety surcharge double, a very rare multiple. R.P.S. Certificate (1949). Ex Dr F.E.Wood. S.G. 29b, cat 3,300.A$9500Photo
Malaya / Perak18861c. on 2c. pale rose, mint vertical pair, lower stamp with variety surcharge double, some off-set on gum, otherwise fine and rare. B.P.A. Certificate (2003). S.G. 29, b, cat 1,100+A$3000Photo
Malaya / Perak18861c. on 2c. pale rose, variety surcharge double, fine mint, rare. B.P.A. Certificate (1988). S.G. 29b, cat 1,100.A$3000Photo
Malaya / Perak1886Type 23 1c. on 2c. pale rose, type 23 with variety surcharge double, fine mint, rare. S.G. 26a, cat 1,000.A$3250Photo
Malaya / Perak1886Type 26 1c. on 2c. pale rose, mint horizontal pair, right stamp showing variety One inverted, fine. A great rarity with very few examples known. R.P.S. Certificate (1996). S.G. 29, a, cat 2,750+.A$7200Photo
Malaya / Perak1887Type 27 1c. on 2c. pale rose, variety surcharge in black, unused, part original gum (redistributed), otherwise fine, scarce. B.P.A. Certificate (1993). S.G. 30a, cat 1,800.A$4500Photo
Malaya / Perak1887Type 29 1c. on 2c. pale rose, fine mint, scarce. B.P.A. Certificate (1992). S.G. 32, cat 2,000.A$5900Photo
Malaya / Perak1887-1889Type 30 1c. on 2c. pale rose type 30 with variety surcharge double, fine mint, rare. B.P.A. Certificate (2003). S.G. 33a, cat 1,100.A$3000Photo
Malaya / Perak1887-1889Type 39 1c. on 2c. pale rose, used, slight colour diffusion, otherwise fine and scarce. Only exists used. S.G. 42, cat 250.A$675Photo
Malaya / Perak18892c, bright rose with variety overprint double, fine and fresh mint. Holcombe Certificate (1990). S.G. O1a, cat 800.A$2200Photo
Malaya / Perak1889Official stamps PGS 2c to 10c SG O1/O5 MLH Ref 2800207A$200Photo
Malaya / Perak1895"$2 green and carmine, SG77, vertical fold across stamp. MLH" Ref 2770207A$200Photo
Malaya / Perak1895Set to $1 SG 66/76 MLH Tone Ref 2760207A$500Photo
Malaya / Perak1938-41$1 black and red/blue SG 119 MLHA$130Photo
Malaya / Perak1938-411938-41 Definitive set of 17 to $2 SG 103/19 MLHA$450Photo
Malaya / Perak1938-411938-41 Definitive set of 19 SG 103/21 MLHA$800Photo
Malaya / Perak1938-4125c dull purple and scarlet SG 115 MLHA$120Photo
Malaya / Perak1938-4140c scarlet and dull purple SG 117 in block of 30 MUHA$1000Photo
Malaya / Perak1942Type YPC1 Post Card No.P9 overprinted "Dai Nippon Yubin" & boxed "Malaya 2 cts. Postage" at left in black. Commercially fine used.A$300Photo
Malaya / Perak1970"Butterflies set of imperf orate Die Proof affixed to card marked ""As Submitted"" and ""Approved Cable 1/9/70 subject to lowering of figures 6c, 15c and 20c to prevent collision with State Crest"". Hence the proofs of these 3 stamps differ to those issued."A$5000Photo
Malaya / Sarawak1888-97the unissued $2, $5 and $10, very fine unmounted mint, incredibly fresh, first two are marginal, rare. S.G. 21a-21c, cat 2,250.A$7,700Photo
Malaya / Sarawak1889-925c on 12c SG 26 MH Ref 2930207A$180Photo
Malaya / Sarawak1889-92Surcharge set of 5 SG 22/26 MLH Ref 2940207A$350Photo
Malaya / Sarawak18921c. on 3c. brown on yellow, in a fine unused vertical strip of three from the foot of the sheet, with variety imperf. between horizontally , scarce. S.G. 27b, cat 650 (for the pair only).A$2500Photo
Malaya / Sarawak18921c. on 3c. brown on yellow, in an unused block of four from the foot of the sheet, all with variety surcharge double, a rare multiple. R.P.S. Certificate (1996). S.G. 27f, cat 1,700 as singles.A$3500Photo
Malaya / Sarawak1895Error 2c brown-red SG 28 in marginal block of 18 with 3 units imperf at the top MUHA$4500Photo
Malaya / Sarawak1899-1908Set of 12 SG 36/47 MLHA$180Photo
Malaya / Sarawak1904collector's cover to England (b/s) with 1899 1c pair,2c x 2(one with abrasion), 8c & 16c tied by 'KUCHING' cds, very fine strike of the 'SARAWAK/R' registration h/s, minor blemishes. Colourful. [The enclosed notelet with printed 'General Post Office/Sarawk' advises of stamps & covers that have been sent & the cost thereof and is signed "CCRobinson/Postmaster General" Ref 1720207A$800Photo
Malaya / Sarawak1918"Master die proof of Sir Charles Vyner Brooke head vignette with uncleared surround, in black. Measure 92 x 60 mm" Ref 1690207A$3250Photo
Malaya / Sarawak1918-27Revenue $4 MLHA$200Photo
Malaya / Sarawak1928-29Set of 15 SG 76/90 MLHA$110Photo
Malaya / Sarawak19321932 91s/105s 12 values of set of 15 Mint never hingedA$450Photo
Malaya / Sarawak1932Set of 15 SG 91/105 Very fine MLH Ref 2920207A$180Photo
Malaya / Sarawak1933Telegraph set to $5 MUH Ref 2960207A$400Photo
Malaya / Sarawak1937church cover - front of cover Ref 1710207A$ Photo
Malaya / Sarawak1937church cover with 'THE DIOCESAN REGISTRY/KUCHING/...'h/s on the flap with 1934 5c cancelled on arrival at SIMANGGANG cds, fine strike of the unframed 'PAQUEBOT' h/s (Proud#SL2; Hosking#3390 but no quotation marks - rated D) on reverse. Ref 1710207A$500Photo
Malaya / Sarawak1939Salvaged Mail - Centurion. Imperial Airways G-ADVE Accident to the Centurion, June 12th 1939 The Centurion sank in the Hoogly River near Calcutta when homeward bound, the majority of the mail being salvaged. Covers, including some emanating from Sarawak, are usually impressed in red with the caption reading "Salvaged mail ex Centurion "A$450Photo
Malaya / Sarawak1947Crown Colony set of 15 perforated Specimen. Mint never hingedA$600Photo
Malaya / Selangor18822c. brown, type 12, used with part red PAID cancellation, slight diagonal crease at right, otherwise fine and very rare. B.P.A. Certificate (2001). S.G. 14, cat 3,000.A$7650Photo
Malaya / Selangor1891$10 green and purple, fine mint. S.G. 65, cat 650.A$1600Photo
Malaya / Selangor1895-99$5 green and blue SG 64 Tone MH Ref 2380207A$250Photo
Malaya / Selangor1895-99Set to $2 SG 54/62 MLH Ref 2360207A$1500Photo
Malaya / Staits Settlements18795c on 8c orange SG 20 Mint light hingedA$200Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements18671c on a blue SG 1 Superb MLHA$300Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements18672c on 1a deep brown SG2 MLHA$250Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements18672c. yellow-brown a wing margined example, variety watermark inverted, unused, part original gum, slightly discoloured, otherwise fine and rare. S.G. 11w, unpriced.A$1350Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements186732c on 2a yellow SG 9 MHA$350Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements18673c on 1a deep brown SG 3 Superb Mint light hingedA$300Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements1867-7212c blue SG 15 MLHA$175Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements1867-722c, 4c and 6c SG 11/13 Mint light hingedA$300Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements1867-72Part Set to 96c SG 11/19 Ex 30c and 32c Mint hingedA$1000Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements18795c & 7c surcharge SG 20/21 MLHA$400Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements18797c on 32c pale red SG 21 Mint light hingedA$200Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements188010 on 30c. claret, showing type g, fine and fresh mint, rare. B.P.A. Certificate (2002). S.G. 36, cat 1,500.A$3500Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements188010c. on 30c. claret type b, unused large part original gum, fresh appearance. S.G. 23, cat 375.A$750Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements18805c on 8c orange SG 41 Mintlight hingedA$250Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements1880-8110c on 12c ultrmarine SG 45 Mint light hingedA$130Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements1881Dunlop cover to Scotland with '10/Cents' on 8c blue SG 45a tied by segmented cancel of Singapore, early usage of the unusual 'SINGAPORE/A/PAID/MY 26 81' cds(Proud#PD11) in red at left, Edinburgh arrival b/s, repaired tears on the flap. Ref 1670207A$1000Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements18825c on 4c rose SG 47 Mint light hingedA$500Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements18844c on 5c blue (R) SG 73 Mint light hingedA$220Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements18848 on 8c on 12c dull purple SG 80 Mint light hingedA$450Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements18848c on 12c brown-purple SG 75. FUA$220Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements18853c on 5c blue SG 82 MHA$240Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements18863c on 5c purple-brown SG 84 MHA$380Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements1892-99$5 orange and carmine optd "SPECIMEN" SG 105s MLHA$300Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements1892-99$5 orange and carmine SG 105 MLHA$600Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements1892-991c to $5 ex 12c SG 95/105 excluding SG 102 MLHA$750Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements1902-03$5 dull green & brown-orange SG 121 MUHA$600Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements1902-03Set of 12 Wmk Crown CA P 14 SG 110/21 SuperbA$750Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements1904$5 dull green and brown-orange SG 138 MH Ref 2820207A$200Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements1904-10Set of 12 Wmk Multiple Crown CA SG 127/38 Mint light hingedA$900Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements1906Straits Settlements Opt on Labuan set SG 141/51 slightly toned MLHA$450Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements1906-12$5 green and red/green opt SPECIMEN SG 167s MLH Ref 2840207A$120Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements1912-23"$5 green & red/green, white back SG 212 MH" Ref 2860207A$150Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements1922$5 green & red/blue-green SG 249 MUH Ref 2880207A$600Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements1922Exhibition set of 9 SG 241/9 Crown CA Mint lightly hinged.A$1000Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements1936-37"KGV $1, $2 and $5 perforated Specimen SG 272/4s Superb MUH" Ref 2890207A$500Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements1936-37Chalk-surfaced paper Set of 15 to $5 plus shade of 6c scarlet. SG 260/74 Mixed MLH and MUH. Ref 2900207A$300Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements1937-4125c KGV1 dull purple and scarlet with numerial MUH SG 286 Ref 2910207A$100Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements1937-41Die I set of 15 to $5 SG 278/92 Mint light hingedA$300Photo
Malaya / Straits Settlements1937-41Die II Set of 6 SG 293/98 Mint light hingedA$200Photo
Malaya / Sungei Ujong18812c brown opt SG 11 MLH Ref 2510207A$250Photo
Malaya / Sungei Ujong1882-842c pale rose SG19 Mint Part original gum ref 2540207A$125Photo
Malaya / Sungei Ujong1883-842c pale rose SG32 MLH. Toned Ref 2550207A$100Photo
Malaya / Sungei Ujong1883-842c. rose types 12 + 21 with uncatalogued variety UJONG double, mint, slight crease, otherwise fine. B.P.A. Certificate (1997). S.G. 33var.A$2,500Photo
Malaya / Sungei Ujong18914c. on 8c. dull purple and ultramarine, variety surcharge type 5 double in red and green, mint, slight imperfections, otherwise fine. R.P.S. Certificate (2000). S.G. 19c, cat 800.A$1,800Photo
Malaya / Trengganu1910-19$25 rose-carmine and green SG 18 Tone MLHA$1300Photo
Malaya / Trengganu1921-41$5 green and red/yellow perforated Specimen SG 44s MLH Ref 2410207A$425Photo
Malaya / Trengganu1921-41$50 green and yellow SG 46 MLH with BPA certificateA$3300Photo
Malaya / Trengganu1937Postage Due 10c brown SG D4 FU Ref 2440207A$190Photo
Malaya / Trengganu1937Postage Due 1c scarlet SG D1 FU Ref 2420207A$110Photo
Malaya / Trengganu1937Postage Due 4c green SG D2 FU Ref 2430207A$120Photo
Malaya / Trengganu1937Postage Due Set of 4 SG D1/4 FUA$750Photo
Malaya / Trengganu1937Postage Due Set of 4 SG D1/4 MUH Ref 2450207A$350Photo
Malaya Japanese Occupation We have a stockbook full of Japanese Occupation of Malaya stamps. Ask us for detailsA$ Photo
Malaya Japanese Occupation19421942 (May.) Occupation of Malaya. Overprints on Perak: 8c. scarlet horizontal strip of three, the centre stamp variety overprint omitted, fine mint. S.G. J248c, cat 400.A$800Photo
Malaya Japanese Occupation1942Cover from Penang to Kuala LumpurA$300Photo
Malaya Japanese Occupation1942Occupation of Malaya. 5c. brown in a mint block of four, single frame chop in brown on three, one in black (Gallatly type D), fine and rare block. B.P.A. Certificate (2003). S.G. J178, b, cat 1,300+.A$3300Photo
Malaya Japanese Occupation1942Occupation of Malaya. Overprints on Pahang: 8c. scarlet in an unmounted mint (one normal lightly mounted) block of nine, the left stamp in the centre row with variety overprint omitted, the adjoining stamp partially omitted, a few minor tone spots, otherwise very fine and rare. S.G. J241a, cat 1,300+.A$3500Photo
Malaya Japanese Occupation1942Occupation of Penang 10c. dull purple, variety overprint double, one inverted, a fine used pair on small piece. S.G. J82b, cat 800.A$1900Photo
Malaya Japanese Occupation1944Trengganu Rare No Value ProofA$300Photo
Malaya Japanese Occupation2602Cover from Penang to Kuala LumpurA$150Photo
Malaya Japanese Occupation2604"Postcard from Muar, Johore to Kuala Kangsar"A$90Photo
Malaya Japanese Occupation2604Cover from Telok Anson to Kuala LumpurA$100Photo
Malaya Japanese Occupation2604Hutan Melintang to Telok Anson. Cover shows the only recorded date for Hutan MelintangA$175Photo
Malaya Japanese Occupation2605Cover from Bukit Mertajam to Ayer ItamA$175Photo
Malaya Japanese Occupation2605Postcard from Malacca to SingaporeA$150Photo
Malaya Japanese Occupation2605Postcard from Seremban to Kuala LumpurA$150Photo
Malaysia We have a stockbook full of Malaysia stamps. There are many varieties and colour shifts. Ask us for detailsA$ Photo
Malaysia1957-71Revenue $100 in block of 4 Imperf Mint unhingedA$600Photo
Malaysia1957-71Revenue $250 in block of 4 Imperf Mint unhingedA$800Photo
Malaysia1993Kingfishers 30c horizontal pair Imperf on one side SG 512a Only 10 pairs existed MUH Ref 2580207A$750Photo
Malta We have a stockbook full of Malta stamps. Ask us for detailsA$ Photo
Malta1860d brown-orange SG 2 MintA$700Photo
Malta1860d buff SG 1 Mint part gumA$800Photo
Malta1860d buff SG 3 MintA$700Photo
Malta1860d Pale buff SG 3a Mint regummed with RPSL certificate. Ref 1430207A$800Photo
Malta1921-22Set of 8 SG 97/104 MLH Ref 1440207A$700Photo
Mauritius1848-591d red SG 23 Nice 4 margins Fine used Ref 1370207A$450Photo
Mauritius1848-591d red-brown/yellowish SG 17 four margins Used Ref 1360207A$500Photo
Mauritius1859-611s. Yellow-green Nice 4 margins Fine used Ref 1380207A$180Photo
Mauritius18606d green SG 49 Used Ref 1390207A$160Photo
Mauritius188316c on 17c rose SG 112 MH Ref 1400207A$100Photo
Mauritius18872c on 13c slate Surch inverted SG 117a Mint no gum Ref 1410207A$125Photo
Mauritius18996c on 18c green & ultra Surch inverted SGv134a VFU Ref 1420207A$200Photo
Mauritius1910Part set to 5r SG 181/94 MHA$120Photo
Mauritius1953Definitive set of 15 Mint never hinged Ref 260107A$75Photo
Montserrat1876-831d red + bisected (d) SG 1 + 1a Ref 09040709A$1000Photo
Nauru1916-2310s pale blue SG 23 VFU Ref 1480207A$600Photo
Nauru1916-232/6 to 10/- Set of 3 Seahorse MUH Ref 1500207A$1500Photo
Nauru1916-232d orange (Die II ) SG 5 in block of 9 MUH Ref 1530207A$1400Photo
Nauru1916-235s bright carmine SG 22 MLH Ref 1470207A$175Photo
Nauru1916-23Set of 4 MUH SG 13/16 Ref 1490207A$225Photo
Nauru1919"1/- GB opt pair on Censored Registered Letter to GB, b/s Sydney 6.3.19, London 2.5.19"A$400Photo
New Brunswick18513d dull red bisected on piece + 6d yellow SG 2a + 3 Ref 09050813A$2500Photo
New Guinea19141d on 5Pf green with variety of overprint quadruple impression (bounce) the three additional overprints are very faint. With Certificate.Mint Ref 1840207A$9000Photo
New Guinea1915G.R.I. 3d Herbertshohe (Deutsch Neu-Guinea) SG 36e Mint Ref 1850207A$400Photo
New Guinea1915G.R.I. 3d Kawieng (Deutsch Neuguinea) SG 39 Mint Ref 1870207A$350Photo
New Guinea1915G.R.I. 3d Kieta (Deutsch-Neuguinea) SG 38 Mint Ref 1860207A$550Photo
New Guinea1915-16N.W. Pacific Islands 10s grey and pink SG 84c MUH Ref 1880207A$500Photo
New Guinea1915-16N.W. Pacific Islands 2s brown SG 97aC inverted wmk Used Ref 1930207A$130Photo
New Guinea1915-16N.W. Pacific Islands 2s brown SG 97C Used Ref 1920207A$100Photo
New Guinea1915-16N.W. Pacific Islands 1 chocolate and dull blue SG 99C FU Ref 1940207A$500Photo
New Guinea1918N.W. Pacific Islands 1d on 1s green SG 101 in pair Mint no gum Ref 1960207A$250Photo
New Guinea1918N.W. Pacific Islands 1d on 5d brown SG 100 in strip of 3 Fine used Ref 1950207A$700Photo
New Guinea1918-23N.W. Pacific Islands 10s grey and bright pink SG 117 Mint TonedA$150Photo
New Guinea193110s bright pink SG 161 in block of 6 MUH Ref 1970207A$800Photo
New Guinea193110th Anniv set of 13 SG 150/62 MLH Ref 1990207A$450Photo
New Guinea1931Air Optd set of 14 SG 163-76 MLH Ref 2000207A$400Photo
New Guinea1932Air overprinted set of 14 to 1 SG 163/76 MNH Ref 2050207A$800Photo
New Guinea1932Air Undated Birds set of 16 SG 190-203 MLH Ref 2040207A$350Photo
New Guinea1932Undated Bird set of 16 SG 177/89 FU Ref 2020207A$350Photo
New Guinea1932Undated Bird set of 16 SG 177/89 MLH Ref 2010207A$300Photo
New Guinea19321 olive-grey SG 189 FU Ref 2030207A$80Photo
New Guinea19352 bright violet SG 204 VFU Ref 2060207A$175Photo
New Guinea19355 emerald-green SG 205 FU Ref 2070207A$500Photo
New Guinea1937Coronation FDC from Buka Passage to Sydney RareA$150Photo
New Guinea1937Full set Coronation stamps postmarked KAVIENG NEW GUINEA 18MAY37 (First day of issue) and addressed to Ambunti. Backstamped KAVIENG and also DISTRICT OFFICE AMBUNTI 20 Jun 1937A$100Photo
New Hebrides1910"Set of 7 optd ""Specimen"" SG 10s/16s MLH"A$350Photo
New Hebrides1913Set of 11 SG F22/32 MHA$150Photo
New Hebrides1921Colour Trails green of the 40c value used to enable the printer to position the overprinting correctly.for the Provisional Overprints. Ref 2080207A$1500Photo
New Hebrides1925Postage Due Set of 5 SG D1/D5 MHA$250Photo
New Hebrides1938"Set of 12 SG F53-64 MUH, a few with some staining"A$350Photo
New Hebrides1938Postage Due Set of 5 SG D6/10 MUHA$220Photo
New Hebrides1938Set of 12 SG 52/63 MLHA$450Photo
New Hebrides1938Set of 12 SG 52/63 MUHA$500Photo
New Zealand1800sd Printed to Private Order Advertising Postcard for Austin Walsh Tobacco Company. This is the worlds smallest piece of postal stationery and a fascinating addition to any collection.Superb MintA$425Photo
New Zealand1847"(Mar 22) FL from Auckland to London with ms ratings ""4"" in red and ""1"" in black, fine strike of the framed ""Paid at Auckland"" hs in red, on reverse ""New Zealand"" double-arch cds and London arrival, fine."A$1500Photo
New Zealand18552d blue SG 5 four margins Superb VFUA$600Photo
New Zealand1857-636d brown SG 13 UsedA$200Photo
New Zealand1857-636d brown SG 42 UsedA$200Photo
New Zealand1864Chalon SCARCE 10d-RATE IMPERF COVER TO G.B. VIA FRANCE; 8 Jan 1864 (filing notes across left hand end of address) from Napier to London ""via Marseilles"" franked by 1862-3 2d Blue pair (margins almost all round) and 1862 6d black-brown(pelure paper) tied or canceled by unclear barred ovals with London (12 Mar) arrival cds alongside. Scarce 10d-rate Imperf Chalon Heads cover.From the international gold medal collection of Marcel StanleyA$1800Photo
New Zealand186610d-rate "via Marseilles" cover from Auckland to Ireland; Attractive 6 Apr. 1866 mourning env. to Dublin franked by 2d deep blue (2) and 6d Brown all tied by light "AUCKLAND/1" duplexes with a fine 11 June" H[olyhead] & K[ingstown] Pac[ke]t" arrival cds on the flap. Scarce thus. A$1200Photo
New Zealand1868Chalon 3d INTERPROVINCIAL RATE COVER FROM NAPIER TO WELLINGTON; 25 Sept/5 Oct 1868 env. Franked by 1864-7 1d pale orange-vermillion (lifted for inspection and put back slightly out of place) and 2d blue (Pl.1; worn plate) tied by fine Napier duplexes. Scarce rate From the international collection of Marcel StanleyA$700Photo
New Zealand1868Chalon Double inter-provincial rate cover from Auckland to Wellington 21 Sept 1868 env. (minor wear) franked by an 1864 6d red-brown tied by a mostly very fine Auckland duplex. Scarce double rate cover.From the international collection of Marcel StanleyA$650Photo
New Zealand1868Chalon RARE ""VIA PANAMA"" ROUTING OF SINGLE FRANKING 6d-RATE COVER TOG>B>; 6 Jan 1868 mourning envelope to Bath endorsed ""via Panama"" and franked 6d brown tied by a partly fine ""DUNEDIN"" duplex. Carried by the S.S. Matura on this short-lived and little-used route. From the international gold medal collection of Marcel StanleyA$1000Photo
New Zealand18703d Single franking inter-provincial rate cover from New Plymouth to Auckland.A$750Photo
New Zealand18722d Orange Chalon "Per First Opportunity" Cover Wellington to Napier struck with deformed Wellington Duplex 13 Jan 1872. Very Fine. From the International gold medal collection of Marcel StanleyA$700Photo
New Zealand18722d Orange Chalon Overland Mail rate cover Nelson to Wellington 22 Nov 1872. Napier B Duplex . Fine and attractive .From the international gold medal collection of Marcel StanleyA$500Photo
New Zealand18782s deep rose SG 185 UsedA$300Photo
New Zealand1882-193010s. Blue Die Proof on cardboardA$3000 
New Zealand1882-193010s. Brown-red Die Proof on cardboardA$3000 
New Zealand1882-1930Postal Fiscal £9 Could be used postally.A$200Photo
New Zealand1882-193020 Purple Die Proof on cardboardA$3500 
New Zealand18856d blue SG 183 MLH Ref 3290207A$150Photo
New Zealand1885Revenue Beer Duty - 13s brown Mint Kiwi R38A$750Photo
New Zealand1885Revenue Beer Duty - 13s brown Used Kiwi R38A$600Photo
New Zealand1895"Official Railway Free cover with embossed Arms on reverse with Auckland square circle cancel, addressed to Dunedin. Tone spots but scarce"A$150Photo
New Zealand1895Letter Cards Window's Weeds 1½d die proofs in black on thin wove paperA$400Photo
New Zealand1895Letter Cards Window's Weeds 1½d die proofs in mauve on thin wove paperA$400Photo
New Zealand1897Cyclists' Touring Club deep pink & black printed to private order letter card with 1d sideface imprint tied by Wellington 4 ring cdsA$950Photo
New Zealand1898"Proof on 2d Mt Earnslaw in grey-violet. Spelling error ""Lake Wakatipu"" MH"A$450 
New Zealand18982s grey-green SG 258 MH Ref 3300207A$250Photo
New Zealand18986d green Proof imperf block of 4 on ungummed paperA$800Photo
New Zealand1899-032s blue-green SG 269 MH Ref 3310207A$250Photo
New Zealand1899-035/- vermillion SG 270 MLHA$200Photo
New Zealand1901"1d Universal FDC posted on New Year Day 01-01-01 from Port Chalmers to Dunedin with fine dated Port Chalmers cds, b/s with part Dunedin arrival cds"A$150Photo
New Zealand1903£20 lilac QV Long Postal Fiscal Die Proof on cardA$3500Photo
New Zealand190310s. Maroon QV Long Postal Fiscal Die Proof on cardA$3000Photo
New Zealand1904"Leather card from Colorado with 1c x 2 and taxed, 'TO PAY/3d/' h/s, Postage Due 1d & 2d tied by 'WANGANUI' cds. Terrific item."A$500Photo
New Zealand1905Kiwi bird Cinderella Buy only Kaiapoi woolen goods MintA$250Photo
New Zealand1907"Die Proof of d impression in green on card, design for the d Postcard" Ref 3280207A$750Photo
New Zealand19071d Universal Black Plate Proofs on watermarked gummed paper in block of 12 (11 units MUH)A$900Photo
New Zealand19071d Universal Redrawn Imperf Proof Pair MLHA$250Photo
New Zealand19076d Kiwi green Plate Proof block of 4A$800Photo
New Zealand1907Official 2s blue-green SG O66 MLHA$150Photo
New Zealand1907Official 5s deep red SG O67 MLHA$400Photo
New Zealand1907Official 6d bright carmine-pink imperf pair SG O64a tear repaired on left stamp. Mint no gum.A$700Photo
New Zealand1907-81s orange-red 14x13 SG 381 MLH Ref 3260207A$170Photo
New Zealand1909d KGV Die ProofA$750 
New Zealand1910-16Official Set of 6 MLHA$200Photo
New Zealand1913"Wilson's Real Photograph ""Special Constables Camp Domain Auckland"", fine photo of dozens of tents & 100s of horses, with Luna Park in the background providing an air of whimsy, unused. "A$100Photo
New Zealand1913-21Postal Fiscal 4s orange-red SG F114 MUHA$130Photo
New Zealand1913-25Official 2s light blue SG O82 MUH Ref 3230207A$160Photo
New Zealand1914"Registered envelope HG8 to GB with additional 2½d blue ""Lake Wakatipu"" stamp tied by Rangiora cds with Registration label, b/s with Christchurch Registered octagonal cancel in red & Bradford arrival cds"A$175Photo
New Zealand1915-27Official 8d red-brown SG O103 MLHA$150Photo
New Zealand1915-27Official set of 6 SG 100-05 MLHA$375Photo
New Zealand1915-302d in Black print proof block of 4 imperfA$200 
New Zealand1915-33d green Imperf pair SG 446cc Mint unhinged.A$4000Photo
New Zealand1920Victory 3d chocolate SG 457 Imperf Plate Proof in pair. Mint unhingedA$250Photo
New Zealand1924"Registered long envelope from Dunedin to Pittsburgh USA with 1d red Life Insurance stamp used on cover, very scarce"A$100Photo
New Zealand1926-342s light blue & 3s pale mauve SG 469-70 MLHA$300Photo
New Zealand19313d chocolate Perf 14x15 SG 548a VFUA$1000Photo
New Zealand1931Smiling boys 2d + 1d blue SG 547 MLHA$450Photo
New Zealand1931Smiling boys Health Stamps SG 546/7 Superb MUHA$850Photo
New Zealand1931-40£1 pink Imperf Proof in block of 4 brown paper SG F158 Mint. Back of stamps is printed SPECIMEN in 5 linesA$500Photo
New Zealand1931-401s 3d lemon Imperf Proof pair brown paper SG F145 Mint. Back of stamps is printed SPECIMEN in 3 linesA$300Photo
New Zealand1931-40Postal Fiscal £4 light blue SG F166 MUHA$300Photo
New Zealand1932Letter card used to WanganuiA$200Photo
New Zealand19331d red Health stamp on plain FDCA$250Photo
New Zealand1935"Commercial cover to Nelson with Crusader 1d+1d tied by very fine ""ROYAL TRAIN"" cds, few minor blemishes"A$500Photo
New Zealand1935Air set of 3 SG 548-50 MLHA$175Photo
New Zealand1935-36Set of 14 SG 556-69 MLHA$240Photo
New Zealand1936-61Official 5s green SG O119 MLHA$200Photo
New Zealand1938Official KGVI set of 14 MUHA$225Photo
New Zealand1938-44KG VI 1d green SG 606 Imperf proofs in pair MUHA$150Photo
New Zealand1938-44KG VI 3d blue SG 609 Imperf proofs in pair MUHA$150Photo
New Zealand1938-52KG VI Imperforate Plate Proof Pairs (7 pairs) MUHA$700Photo
New Zealand19403d purple and carmine SG 618 imperf Proof pair. MintA$200 
New Zealand1940Official Set of 11 MUHA$350Photo
New Zealand1940Postal Fiscal 7s 6d olive-grey SG F198 MUHA$175Photo
New Zealand1940-58Postal Fiscal £3 10s rose SG F209 Fiscal usedA$300Photo
New Zealand1940-58Postal Fiscal £3 green SG F208 MUHA$600Photo
New Zealand1940-58Postal Fiscal 15s sage-green SG F202 MUHA$160Photo
New Zealand1946"Manawatu River Accident Cover.On 20 August 1946 an earth-slip crashed onto the Palmerston North to Napier freight train just outside the Manawatu Gorge near to Te Apiti siding. The engine and first three wagons, including a mail van, fell into the flooded river killing the engine driver and fireman. Mail was salvaged some days later when the river level had fallen and was taken to Wellington for drying out and onward transmission. "A$750Photo
New Zealand1947-52KG VI 9d SG 685 purple-brown Imperforate Plate Proof in pair MUHA$150Photo
New Zealand1947-52KG VI 2d orange SG 680 Imperforate Plate Proof pair MUHA$150Photo
New Zealand1947-65Lighthouse 3d mauve and pale blue SG L46 Proof imperf pair affixed on cardboard pieceA$200Photo
New Zealand1948Health Stamps set SG 696-97 in Imperf Proof Pair MUHA$550Photo
New Zealand1955-59QEII set of 7 in Imperf Proof pairs MUHA$750Photo
New Zealand1956Health Stamps set SG 755-57 in Imperf Proof Pair MUHA$550Photo
New Zealand19573d bright carmine-red SG 760 Proof imperf pair affixed to cardboard pieces. MintA$150Photo
New Zealand19582d on 1d brown-lake Error Surch on No. 725 SG 763 MUHA$250Photo
New Zealand1959Red Cross Commemoration with "Red Cross" omitted. SG 775aA$2400Photo
New Zealand1960Birds set Health SG 803-4 Proof imperf pair affixed to cardboard pieces. MintA$400 
New Zealand1960-661s 9d Wmk sideway SG 795a MUHA$700Photo
New Zealand1960-66Error 9d red and ultramarine in strip of 4 Missing Red on 2 units (SG 790a) and part red missing on 3rd unit MUH Ref 3640207A$2250Photo
New Zealand19612½d Christmas in imperf pair MUHA$750Photo
New Zealand19632½d Christmas in imperf pair MUHA$450Photo
New Zealand19702½c multicolour in imperf pair SG 943 MUHA$700Photo
New Zealand19703c with green (inscr and value) omitted. SG 944a MUHA$400Photo
New Zealand1970-761c Admiral Butterfly blue omitted SG 1008c Ref 3660207A$350Photo
New Zealand1970-761c Admiral Butterfly Red omitted MUH Ref 3690207A$600Photo
New Zealand1970-762c Tussock Butterfly Black (inscr. etc) omitted SG 916a MUH Ref 3670207A$700Photo
New Zealand1970-764c Moth with yellow colour omitted. SG 919 MUHA$500Photo
New Zealand1971-734c on 2c with albino surcharge in block of 4 SG 957ab with normal for comparison. MUH Ref 3680207A$700Photo
New Zealand1975-813c Rose SG 1088 in left corner marginal strip of 3 imperf. MUHA$500Photo
New Zealand1975-814c Rose SG 1089 Imperf pair MUHA$350Photo
New Zealand1975-818c Rose SG 1093 imperf pair. MHA$350Photo
New Zealand1984Christmas imperf set in unique block of 4 MUH Ref 3340207A$5000Photo
New Zealand1984Christmas imperf set MUH Ref 3350207A$1000Photo
New Zealand198525c with orders on the sash omitted. Slightly torn on the right side MUH Ref 3330207A$100Photo
New Zealand199640c + 5c Teddy bear Error SG 2003a MUH Ref 3320207A$1800Photo
New ZealandVariousMint selection of better stamps from New Zealand. Individually priced.A$-Photo
New Zealand - Victoria Land1911"1d carmine SG A3 in block of 4, one with error comma for stop. MUH"A$750Photo
New Zealand - Victoria Land19111d carmine SG A3 MUH Ref 3220207A$175Photo
New Zealand - Victoria Land19111d carmine SG A3 in pair MUHA$350Photo
New Zealand - Victoria Land1911Set of 2 SG A2-A3 MUH but slight tone and rust spots Ref 3210207A$1000Photo
New Zealand Antarctic1908Shackleton Expedition SG A1A$100Photo
New Zealand Antarctic1908Shackleton Expedition SG A1 pair VFUA$200Photo
New Zealand Antarctic1915½d Block of 12 Auckland Island General Grant Expedition Mint. Largest multiple seen by us.A$1200Photo
New Zealand Antarctic1950Cover from Dunedin to Heard Island.A$200Photo
New Zealand Local Kermadek Is 3d in lower left block of 2 with 2 bottom units DOUBLE PRINTED Mint Minor tone spotsA$3000 
Nigeria 1921-32Set of 15 SG 15/29 MHA$200Photo
Nigeria 1936Set of 12 SG 34/45 MLHA$240Photo
Nigeria1961Definitive set of 13 SG 89/101 Mint Lightly Hinged Ref 450107A$30Photo
Nigeria / Lagos1904-06Set of 10 SG 54/63 MLH 370107A$220Photo
Nigeria/Lagos1876-796d green SG 15 MHA$140Photo
Niuafo'ou1990Whales Issue - Unique Die Proof, Imperf set , Specimens and the FDC of minature sheet from the Private collection of the Artist. Ref 09032004A$2500Photo
Niue1920d black and green SG38 Imperf pair. No gumA$200Photo
Niue19321d Capt Cook with double perf SG 56 MLH Ref 09061910A$125Photo
Niue19352d dull and deep blue, vertical pair showing narrow first E in GEORGE and imperf between. Mint Come with a BPA Certificate.A$500Photo
Norfolk Island1900s"Postcard Melanesian Mission Scholars, Norfolk Island"A$100Photo
Norfolk Island1929Commercial Cover with KG 1 1/2d red to New ZealandA$300Photo
Norfolk Island1947Registered cover to Colac, Victoria with 3 Australia stamps . Back of cover with arrival postmark "Registered Melbourne 14JY47" and Colac 15JY47"A$100Photo
Norfolk Island1948"Commercial Registered Cover to Melbourne, Australia"A$100Photo
Norfolk Island1971Bishop Patteson imperforate proof pairs on harrison cards. Ref 09060402A$1000Photo
Norfolk Island1993Nudibranchs Imperf corner block of 4. MUH 1380207A$2400Photo
Norfolk Island199775c Butterflies SG 636 Missing Gold. Country and value missing. MNH Ref 3630207A$750Photo
Norfolk Island20016th South Pacific Games Set of 2 MS unissued Ref 09060401A$1250Photo
Norfolk Island2002APTA Convention Booklets (2) Official Limited issue of 500 Ref 1390207A$150Photo
North Borneo We have a stockbook full of North Borneo stamps. Ask us for detailsA$ Photo
North Nigeria1912£1 purple and black/red SG 52 MLHA$300Photo
Northern Rhodesia1925-29Set of 17 SG 1/17 Very fine MLHA$750Photo
Northern Rhodesia1938-52Set of 21 SG 25/45 MLHA$170Photo
Nyasaland1903-4Part set of 8 to 10s SG 59/65 MH Ref 280107 Ref 290107A$400Photo
Nyasaland 1913-19£10 purple and dull ultramarine SG 99 Fiscal usedA$490Photo
Nyasaland1953-54Definitive set of 15 MLH Ref 320107A$60Photo
Omnibus1948Silver Wedding Complete set of 138 MUHA$2800Photo
Papua1901-052s 6d black and brown Thin paper SG 16a MLH Ref 1750207A$850Photo
Papua1906-072s 6d black and brown SG 20 FU Ref 1760207A$300Photo
Papua1906-072s 6d black and brown SG 20 MHA$300Photo
Papua1906-07d BNG used with rare Port Moresby cds without outer circle Ref 1780207A$150Photo
Papua1907-10"2d black and ultramarine, thick paper, wmk vertical, strip of 6 (POS. 5/30) being the right hand column of the sheet with ""WHITE LEAVES"" (R4/5) on fourth stamp (crease) attractively cancelled by individual strikes of Daru cds of ""11 DEC 08"". Overprinted on an early printing with line perforation (and bright frame colour), and as such a great rarity. Possibly a unique multiple, and very important for the specialist."A$975 
Papua1907-10Set of 6 SG 49-54 in block of 4 Very fine usedA$600Photo
Papua1910-11Set of 8 SG 75/82 MHA$130Photo
Papua1911-156d orange-brown Wmk Crown to right of A SG 89a in block of 4 MHA$900Photo
Papua1916-31"1½d Lakatoi SG 95 variety with ""Rift in clouds"" cover to Lpndon tied by Daru cds"A$300Photo
Papua1916-3110s green and pale ultramarine SG 105 MLHA$250Photo
Papua1916-315s black and deep green in marginal corner block of 4 (2 MUH + 2MLH) with Monogram and crazy perfsA$600Photo
Papua1918Registered letter from Daru with scarce Registeres Box in VioletA$900Photo
Papua1922Mint registered letter 4d orange on buffA$800Photo
Papua19291916-31 (SG 95 variety 1d Lakatoi with 'Rift in clouds' on 1929 (Feb12) cover to London tied by Daru cdsA$300Photo
Papua1932Set to 10s SG 130-144 FUA$200Photo
Papua1935(Aug 29) First Flight from Port Moresby to Ioma per "VH-UOX" piloted by O. DennyA$200Photo
Papua 19351st Flight Cover to IomaA$200Photo
Papua New Guinea19606d on 7d blue SG D1 FU Ref 1740207A$675Photo
Papua New Guinea1960Postal Charges 6d overprint on 7d SG D1 Mint light hinged.Come with a Ceremuga Certificate.A$850Photo
Papua New Guinea1960Registered letter to Tasmania damaged by fluid with letter from Postmaster regarding the damage.A$125Photo
Papua New Guinea1985"Ceremonial Structures Unissued Small format set MUH 26x33mm with face value without ""T""" Ref 1790207A$750Photo
Pitcairn Island1927"The New Zealand Postal Agency was established on 7 June 1927. This is a very early example of Registration (Label Number 7), dated 23 July 1927. Issued in the first 3 weeks of Postal Agency."A$5000Photo
Pitcairn Island1928"Registered Letter to Dunedin, New Zealand, bearing registration label No. 45 with Postal Agency c.d.s. of 3 January 1928."A$2000Photo
Pitcairn Island1935Souvenir Envelopes produced for sale to ship's passengers when they anchored off-shore. Signed by Miss Alta Christian.A$600Photo
Pitcairn Island1938"A special QSL card prepared to commemorate the opening of the Radio Station on Pitcairn Island (PITC) in 1938 The card lists the firms who donated equipment for the station and is signed by Andrew Young, the station's first operator. On the front of the card is a ""potted history"" of Pitcairn. A 1d stamp of 1940 is affixed and tied with a Pitcairn cancel of 1945"A$900Photo
Pitcairn Island1938"Radio Station PITC was set up on Pitcairn Island in March 1938 by 2 American Ham Radio enthusiasts Granville Lindley and Lewis Bellem. A quantity of multi-coloured covers were prepared in advance for the event and the great majority of these have a printed address of THE STAMP SHOP of Providence, Rhode Island, USA Lindley and Bellem each received 50 of these covers (minus the Stamp Shop address) for their personal use and they mailed these to friends and relatives in the US This was one of the covers used by Lindley and it bears his signature in the bottom left corner. The 1d NZ Kiwi stamp is tied by PITCAIRN ISLAND N.Z. POSTAL AGENCY cancel and alongside is one of the special PITCAIRN RADIO cancels. The date on both cancels is March 18, 1938 the day of the official opening of Radio PITC"A$1000Photo
Pitcairn Island1938"Whaling cover. Inside this cover is a note headed ""South Georgia"", 27 November 1937. It is backstamped with the agency datestamp of 6 October 1938 and received the Southampton Paquebot cancellation of 17 November 1938. It is thought that the number ""243"" is that of a Whaling Captain. "A$650Photo
Pitcairn Island1938Illustrated cover to England with New Zealand stamps with single circle cancellation. Ref 220707A$180Photo
Pitcairn Island1938Radio cover with the usual water stain. Ref 110707A$80Photo
Pitcairn Island1938Radio Cover without the usual water staining associated with these covers.A$200Photo
Pitcairn Island19406d on FDC and special 150 Years Anniv postmarkA$150Photo
Pitcairn Island1940sCover to New Zealand, Missing back flap and cut open on the sides. Ref 190707A$90Photo
Pitcairn Island1946"Suspended mail service. South Africa to Pitcairn, 12 July 1946. Registered letter from Rhine Road Seapoint via Sydney, Australia that was then returned via Tahiti, with the cover endorsed that the service to Pitcairn was suspended."A$600Photo
Pitcairn Island1946Victory set on coverA$20Photo
Pitcairn Island1949Silver Wedding on plain FDC Ref 3020207A$375Photo
Pitcairn Island1949UPU FDC Good condition and very clean Ref 3010207A$150Photo
Pitcairn Island1952(Feb 06) Cover to New Zealand with 8 values to 2/6 including the scare 8d, but the 4d is torn. Back of the cover, the flap is missing.A$100Photo
Pitcairn Island1953Cover to New York with Label Visit Ontario during the Coronation year Ref 180707A$75Photo
Pitcairn Island1954Ship postcard to New Zealand redirectedA$350Photo
Pitcairn Island1957Page with Pitacrn Island School stamps and engraving depicting the original Church and school house on Pitcairn Island. Ref 200707A$100Photo
Pitcairn Island1957The stamp on the right side of the card was issued on July 2, 1957 and incorrectly describes the building as the Pitcairn School. This stamps is cancelled on Pitcairn on November 7, 1957. On the left is the stamp with corrected inscription (Schoolteacher's House) issued on May 11,1958. This stamp is cancelled November 5,1958 A third Pitcairn cancel appears in the centre. This is a different type cancel and was applied on the first day of its issue on Pitcairn - April 12,1961. Two stamps and three different cancels - all on the one card. Ref 170707A$100Photo
Pitcairn Island1963Freedom from Hunger FDCA$300Photo
Pitcairn Island1964Spots on the Queen's Forehead. On stamp number one in row four of some sheets of the 2/d 1964 definitive series there is a prominent flaw comprising several white spots on and adjacent to the Queen's forehead. Ref 140707A$120Photo
Pitcairn Island1964There are a number of plate flaw on d stamp in the 1964 defintive series. Two of these appear on this block of six stamps. Ref 150707A$50Photo
Pitcairn Island1965Corner colour control block of 4 of the 8/- definitive with colour shift of the yellow resulting in the Queen having a red sunburned face and a "Red Crown" Ref 160707A$100Photo
Pitcairn Island19691c value was printed with the watermark impressed sideways. This block of six (with imprint) is on glazed paper with the sideways watermark Inverted. MUH Ref 130707A$60Photo
Pitcairn Island1975Mailboats MS with the watermark Crown CA Reversed. MUH Ref 120707A$100Photo
Pitcairn Island1985Major Error $2 Painting stamp printed '1835' instead of '1825'. MUH. This error was picked up and all stamps remaining were withdrawn and destroyed. A new reprint showing the correct date 1825 was printed.A$200Photo
Rhodesia1892-9310 brown SG 13 Fiscal used Ref 09071704A$150Photo
Rhodesia1892-932 rose-red SG 11 Fine used Ref 09031607A$250Photo
Rhodesia1892-935 sage-green SG 12 Fine used Ref 09031608A$250Photo
Rhodesia1892-943/- Brown and green SG 25 Mint Hinged Ref 09071705A$190Photo
Rhodesia18963d on 5/- orange-yellow SG 53 Used Ref 09071707A$150Photo
Rhodesia1896-190815 values to 1 MNH opt SPECIMEN from VIP Presentation Set Ref 09031606A$1500Photo
Rhodesia1896-9710/- slate and vermilion/rose Used Ref 09071706A$120Photo
Rhodesia1896-9710/- slate and vermillion/rose SG 50 MH Ref 09031602A$170Photo
Rhodesia1905Set of 6 SG 94/9 5/- is toned. MH Ref 09031603A$175Photo
Rhodesia1905Victoria Falls SG 97/98 opt Specimen with detached serif in ""M"" only one per sheet MH Ref 09031604A$500Photo
Rhodesia1910-1310/- blue-green and orange SG 164 Fine used. Ref 09031701A$650Photo
Rhodesia1910-1310/- deep myrtle and orange SG 163 Fine used Ref 09031702A$450Photo
Rhodesia1910-131d bright carmine SG 183 P 13 Mint\ Ref 09071619A$3000Photo
Rhodesia1910-132/- Black and dull blue P15 SG 178 Used. Ref 09031703A$500Photo
Rhodesia1910-132/- black and dull blue SG 154 Used Ref 09071615A$110Photo
Rhodesia1910-132/- black and ultramarine SG 153 Mint Hinged Ref 09071614A$120Photo
Rhodesia1910-132/6 bistre-brown and crimson SG 156a Used Ref 09031612A$950Photo
Rhodesia1910-132/6 sepia and deep crimson SG 156 Used Ref 09031611A$600Photo
Rhodesia1910-133/- bright green and violet SG 158 Mint Ref 09031609A$275Photo
Rhodesia1910-133d magenta and yellow-ochre SG 136 Mint no gum Ref 09071708A$125Photo
Rhodesia1910-134d brown-purple and orange SG 139 Mint Hinged Ref 09071709A$110Photo
Rhodesia1910-135/- crimson and yellow-green SG 160a Used Ref 09031614A$300Photo
Rhodesia1910-135/- scarlet and pale yellow-green SG 260 Mint Hinged Tiny thin Ref 09071620A$300Photo
Rhodesia1910-135/- vermilion and deep green SG 159 Mint Ref 09031613A$425Photo
Rhodesia1910-135d SG 141ab or SG 142 per DU & SRJ Purple-brown and ochre Perf 14x14 Mint Hinged Ref 09071624A$900Photo
Rhodesia1910-137/6 carmine and light blue SG 161 Fine Used Ref 09031615A$1300Photo
Rhodesia1910-138d dull purple and purple SG 147 Used Ref 09071710A$150Photo
Rhodesia1910-138d greenish black and purple SG 148 Mint Ref 09031610A$220Photo
Rhodesia1910-138d greenish black and purple SG 148 Used Ref 09071613A$150Photo
Rhodesia1910-138d grey-purple and dull purple P15 SG 185a Mint Ref 09031704A$600Photo
Rhodesia1910-138d grey-purple and dull purple SG 185a Mint no gum Ref 09071619A$400Photo
Rhodesia1910-131 carmine-red and bluish black SG 165 Fiscal used and perfin Ref 09071616A$160Photo
Rhodesia1910-131 red and black SG 179 Used Ref 09071618A$4500Photo
Rhodesia1913-2210/- carmine-lake and yellow-green SG 277 Mint Tone. Ref 09031707A$500Photo
Rhodesia1913-2210/- crimson and yellow-green SG 241 Mint Ref 09031705A$275Photo
Rhodesia1913-222/6 deep ultrmarine & grey-brown SG 274 Used Ref 09071626A$100Photo
Rhodesia1913-222/6 pale blue and pale bistre-brown SG 274a Mint Hinged Ref 09071625A$110Photo
Rhodesia1913-223/- chestnut and light blue SG 274b Mint Tone Ref 09031706A$375Photo
Rhodesia1913-225/- blue and yellow-green SG 238 Ref 09071702A$120Photo
Rhodesia1913-227/6 blackish purple and slate-black SG 240 Mint Hinged. Some tone spots Ref 09071703A$450Photo
Rhodesia1913-221 black and purple SG 242 Used and creased Ref 09071622A$500Photo
Rhodesia1924-291d bright rose SG 2 Imperf at base.Mint never hinged Ref 19031605A$750Photo
Rhodesia1970Aerogram to GB with GB postage dueA$75Photo
Rhodesia1970-73Definitive set of 19 SG 439/52 Mint Never Hinged Ref 440107A$80Photo
Rhodesia & Nyasaland1954-56Set of 16 SG1/15 MLH Ref 400107A$110Photo
Rhodesia & Nyasaland1954-56Set of 16 SG1/15 Used Ref 410107A$120Photo
Rhodesia & Nyasaland1959-62Set of 15 SG 18/31 MLH 390107A$100Photo
Samoa1877-80"1d blue SG 15 in block of 8A$450Photo
Samoa1877-806d bright violet SG 17 in sheet of 10 Mint RareA$800Photo
Samoa1886-19001/- rose-carmine Bisected (2d)SG25a Used on piece Ref 09071605A$300Photo
Samoa1886-19002/6 Slate-violet SG 64c Mint Hinged Ref 09071608A$180Photo
Samoa1886-19002d rose SG 44 Mint Hinged Ref 09071607A$110Photo
Samoa1886-1900King Malietoa 2 1/2d d red, Three die proofsA$1200Photo
Samoa18962d black SG 82 Double perfs Official repair Mint hinged Ref 09071610A$180Photo
Samoa18962d black SG 82 Used Ref 09071609A$100Photo
Samoa1914"1 shilling" on 1m. carmine SG110 Superb MLH Ref 09031812A$6500Photo
Samoa19142d on 20pf ultramarine SG 104 in pair MLH Ref 09071612A$110Photo
Samoa19143s on 3m. violet-black SG113 with broken stop after I. varity Used on piece. Come with certificate. Ref 09031813A$2000Photo
Samoa19145s. on 5m. carmine and black used on piece SG114 Come with certificate Ref 09031814A$2500Photo
Samoa19146d on 50pf black and purple/buff in block of 12 MUH, MLH Ref 09031803A$1500Photo
Samoa19149d on 80pf black and carmine/rose SG 109 Used Ref 3180207A$150Photo
Samoa1914German Colonial issue d to 9d SG 101-9 FU Ref 3170207A$900Photo
Samoa1914-242/6 to 1 SG 123/6 MLH Ref 09031801A$230Photo
Samoa1914-241 rose-carmine SG132 Mint Hinged Ref 09071602A$150Photo
Samoa1921Set of 12 Plate P{roof Blocks Ref 09031818A$2500Photo
Samoa1925-282/6 deep grey-brown SG 166 MUH Ref 09071603A$150Photo
Samoa1925-281 rose-pink SG 166d MVLH Ref 09071604A$150Photo
Samoa19351d lake Perf 14x14 SG 177a MUH SG 09071611A$180Photo
Samoa1935-42Postal Fiscal 2/6 to 1 MLH Ref 09031811A$200Photo
Samoa1945-5330/- brown SG211 MUH Ref 09031819A$400Photo
Samoa1955Arms 5s to 2 SG 232/5 in Block of 4 . Two is MUH Ref 3190207A$800Photo
Samoa19552 bright purple SG235 MUH Ref 09031820A$200Photo
Sarawak We have a stockbook full of Sarawak stamps. Ask us for detailsA$ Photo
Seychelles1876d on 10d maroon SG Z32 FU Ref 09031804A$450Photo
Seychelles187813c on 3d orange-red + 25c on 6d slate-blue SG Z40 + Z42 fine used on piece Ref 09031805A$500Photo
Seychelles187813c on 3d orange-red SG Z40 Used Ref 09031806A$260Photo
Seychelles187813c on 3d orange-red with wing margin SG Z40 Used Ref 09031808A$260Photo
Seychelles1890-9296c mauve and carmine optd Specimen SG 8s MH Ref 09031810A$200Photo
Seychelles18933c on 4c Surch double SG 15b MH Ref 09031809A$750Photo
Seychelles1903Set of 11 SG 46/56 MLHA$180Photo
Seychelles1921-32Set to 5r missing 2 value (22 value) optd Specimen SG 98s/123s tone MHA$300Photo
Seychelles1938-491r yellow green SG 146 MHA$150Photo
Seychelles1938-4975c slate-blue SG 145 MHA$120Photo
Seychelles1939Registered letter carried between Mahe, Seychelles to Mombasa by Flying Boat. Signed.A$1000Photo
Seychelles19521952 Definitive set of 15 SG 158/72 Mint Light Hinged Ref 480107A$57Photo
Seychelles1953"Philatelic usage of formular aerogramme to GB with Sailfish 2c + Tortoise 3c pair & 25c, black/pink 'First Air Mail/From Seychelles' label"A$200Photo
Sierra Leone1859-746d grey-lilac SG2 Mint Ref 09031807A$375Photo
Sierra Leone1888Registered cover from FREETOWN with four bisected stamps, 6p violet, 4p brown and 1p carmine (2) all tied by "B31" and Freetown cds on reverse, fold vertical and some split at border, oval registered London and Liverpool alongside, Munich / Germany arrival mark on reverse, 6p bisect SG cat. 2,500 Pound, very scarce and fineA$4,500Photo
Sierra Leone1903Registered Letter Stationery to the UKA$160Photo
Sierra Leone1907-126d to 1 optd Specimen (5 value) SG 107s/111s MHA$250Photo
Sierra Leone1912-21Set to 10s (16 value) missing 1 SG 112/27 MHA$200Photo
Sierra Leone1932Set of 13 SG 155/67 MLHA$280Photo
Sierra Leone19331 violet and orange SG 180 Used in block of 4 Ref 09071010A$300Photo
Sierra Leone1984Shipping Definitve Set of 16 SG 820A/33dA Mint never hinged Ref 470107A$90Photo
Singapore We have a stockbook full of Singapore stamps. Ask us for detailsA$ Photo
Singapore1861entire to Saigon "Per Formosa" (ship) with Indian 1a brown tied by very fine 'B/172' cancel of Singapore, poor boxed 'SINGAPORE/SHIPLETTER/...' d/s in red(Poud#SL3) on the flap, horizontal filing fold & minor staining. An attractive letter to an unusual destination. Ref 1680207A$2500Photo
Singapore1882"Cover from Singapore to Aden.Back of cover roughly opened, missing part of flap. Back stamp arrival Aden Jun21"A$400Photo
Singapore1889Prestamp Postcard to London Used Slight tear on the top right and minor faultsA$100Photo
Singapore1914Siamese Reply Coupon postmark Singapore. ScarceA$300Photo
Singapore1940Censored Cover to AustraliaA$50Photo
Singapore1944"Prestamped postcard showing the surrender of Singapore to the Japanese. Mint with additional 2 ""Surrender of Singapore"" stamps"A$250Photo
Singapore1948$2 green and scarlet SG 29 MUHA$200Photo
Singapore1948Royal Silver Wedding set SG 31/32 MUHA$160Photo
Singapore1948Set of 15 to $5 SG 1/15 MLHA$250Photo
Singapore1948Set of 15 to $5 SG 1/15 MUHA$400Photo
Singapore1953Christmas Is cover to USA with Singapore 20c KGVI blue. Very good conditionA$250Photo
Singapore1955QEII set of 15 to $5 SG 38/52 MUHA$150Photo
Singapore1968-73Definitive set Perf 13 SG 103b/12a MUHA$150Photo
Singapore1968-73Definitive set SG 101/15 MUHA$110 
Singapore1969Founding MS SG MS127 MUHA$900Photo
Singapore1969Founding SG 121/6 MUHA$180 
Singapore1973Flower and fruit set Imperf SG 212/24 MUHA$1250Photo
Singapore1977-78Postage Due White paper No wmk set SG D11/15 MUHA$450Photo
Singapore1985$100 Revenue Frame Proof in block of 4 MUHA$1500Photo
Singapore1989Postage Due set includes the scare 1c and 4c MUHA$300Photo
Singapore20042004 World Stamp Championship 2004 Imperf MS Only 3000 issued.A$325Photo
Solomon Islands1907Large Canoes Panelli Forgery set of 7 FU Ref 09031823A$250Photo
Solomon Islands1908-11Small Canoes set of 11 SG8/17 MLH and MUH Ref 09031901A$300Photo
Solomon Islands1914-231 purple and black/red I SG 38 FU Ref 09031824A$200Photo
Solomon Islands1914-231 purple and black/red SG38 MLH Ref 09031902A$375Photo
Solomon Islands1922-3110/- green and red/green SG 52 MLH Ref 09071401A$160Photo
Somaliland Protectorate19032r carmine and yellow-brown SG 22 MLH Ref 09071011A$200Photo
Somaliland Protectorate1921"1a, 2a, 4a, 6a + 1r (5 value) opted Specimen MLH"A$120Photo
Somaliland Protectorate1921Set of 13 SG 73/85 MLHA$260Photo
South Africa/ Mafeking19001d pale blue/blue SG17 Used Ref 09041616A$450Photo
South Africa/ Mafeking19006d on 3d lilac and black SG 10 Used Ref 09041614A$100Photo
South Africa/ Mafeking19006d on 3d magneta SG 4 Used Ref 09041615A$250Photo
South Africa/ Natal1904-8£1 10s brown-orange & dp pur SG 162 fiscal usedA$300Photo
South Africa/ Natal1904-8Set of 9 SG 146/57 MHA$325Photo
South Africa/ Natal1908/9"6d, 1s, 2s 6d & 10s optd ""Specimen""SG 165/71 MLH"A$160Photo
South Africa/Transvaal1885-935 dp green SG 187 MLHA$225 
South West Africa1931Set of 14 in pairs SG 74/87 MHA$550Photo
Southern Rhodesia1924-29Set of 14 SG 1/14 MLH Ref 0907071701A$225Photo
Southern Rhodesia1924-29Set to 2/6 SG 1/13 Used Ref 09071623A$300Photo
St. Helena18566d blue SG1 Mint Ref 09040803A$950Photo
St. Helena1883(Aug 12)cover to England franked 1880 1/- yellow green, perf 14 Type B optd ties "Cork" cancel. "ST. HELENA" Type 1 cds centre left AU.12.83 Cheltenham cds b/s AUG27.1883A$1500Photo
St. Helena1890-97Set of 6 ex 1 1/2d opt Specimen SG 46/52s MLH Ref 09031709A$450Photo
St. Helena1890-97SG 46/52 6 values optd Specimen Mint lightly hingedA$450Photo
St. Helena1895(May 21) cover to England franked paird surcharged, cancelled cork cancel Type CCI StH. 1 cds below and b/s Plymouth Ship Letter Transit cds June 10th and receiving cds Birmingham June 10A$700Photo
St. Helena1896(22 May) apparently commercial improvised cover from St Helena to Sydney bearing tied 2d on 6d (SG 40) strip of three, St Helena datestamp below, backstamped London Sydney (15 Jul 1896)A$2000Photo
St. Helena1900(Dec 7) cover to London franked 1d pale red, surcharged. Cancelled cork cancel Type C.C.I. St. H. Type 2 cds alongside b/s receiving cds "London Ship Letter Code C JA2.01"A$750Photo
St. Helena1901(Mar 26) Prisoner of War censored cover to South AfricaA$500Photo
St. Helena1901Registered commercial cover to London with 2d surch yellow and 1d red.A$900Photo
St. Helena1903Set of 6 SG 55/60 MLHA$180Photo
St. Helena1912-16Set of 10 SG 72/81 MLHA$200Photo
St. Helena1922Set to 10/- ex 3d,5d,6d,1/-and 1/6. Extra 1/2d, 1d and 2d Stamps are MLH and MNH Ref 09031708A$500Photo
St. Helena1922-37Part set of 4 to 5s SG 92/5 MLHA$100Photo
St. Kitts Nevis1903Set of 10 SG 1/10 MLHA$225Photo
St. Lucia1904-10Part set of 8 out of 14 SG 64/77 MHA$200Photo
St. Lucia1912-21Set to 5s SG 78/88 MLHA$120Photo
St. Lucia1921-30Set of 15 SG 91/105 Very fine MLHA$170Photo
St. Lucia1936Set of 12 SG 113/24 MHA$360Photo
St. Lucia1974Easter Paintings Set of 4 Die Proofs. UniqueA$950Photo
St. Vincent1883-846d bright green SG 44 MHA$300Photo
St. Vincent1899Set of 9 SG 67/75 MLHA$225Photo
St. Vincent1902Set of 9 SG 76/84 Superb MLHA$275Photo
St. Vincent1909Set of 3 optd Specimen SG 99s/101s MLHA$100Photo
St. Vincent1913-17Set of 13 SG 108/20 MLHA$220Photo
Strait Settlement186796c. grey perf. 12, unused, part original gum, faintly toned, otherwise fine and rare. R.P.S. Certificate (1991)S.G. 19a, cat 2,250A$4780Photo
Sudan189810p Light and Dark Blue Imperf Proof Ref 09031910A$400Photo
Sudan1898Die Proofs of Outer Frame. Set of 8 SG 10/17 Ref 09031821A$9000Photo
Sudan1898Set of 8 SG 10/17 MHA$150Photo
Sudan1921-23Set of 4 Frame Die Proofs SG 33/6 Ref 09031822A$4250Photo
Sudan1931-377p dark blue imperf proof on watermarked paper. Ref 09031909A$700Photo
Sudan1935Set of 9 SG 59/67 MHA$175Photo
Sudan1935Set of 9 SG 59/67 Used Ref 09071418A$200Photo
Sudan1936-46Official 8 value SG O39/42 Used Ref 09071422A$120Photo
Sudan1936-46Official Set of 14 SG O32/42 ex O37 MLH Ref 09071423A$150Photo
Sudan1948Postage Due set of 4 SG D12/15 Used Ref 09071420A$120Photo
Sudan1948Set of 16 SG 96/111 MLH Ref 09071419A$110Photo
Sudan1951Set of 17 SG 123/39 MLH, some MUH Ref 09071420A$100Photo
Swaziland1933Set of 10 SG 11/20 MLHA$240Photo
Tonga1886-881/- pale green Die Proof Ref 09071306A$2000Photo
Tonga1886-886d red proof cut down Ref 09032016A$400Photo
Tonga1890s"Commercial cover to Sydney, Australia"A$100Photo
Tonga1890s"Cover to Shepparton, Australia"A$150Photo
Tonga1891"Registered Envelope 6d red on bluish wove paper, curved flap, linen inside. Mint Light rusting"A$80Photo
Tonga1891Surch set SG 5,5a + 6 Block of 4 Mint Ref 09032005A$450Photo
Tonga1892"Registered Envelope 6d red on white wove paper, linen inside, pointed flap. Mint Slight rusting"A$100Photo
Tonga18921d pale rose Bisected SG10b on piece Used Ref 09032014A$300Photo
Tonga18928d bright mauve SG13 Used Ref 09032010A$250Photo
Tonga1892Four pence red on white. Registered envelope mint. FaultA$100Photo
Tonga1892Set of 5 SG10/14 Mint Ref 09032009A$400Photo
Tonga18935 values SG15-18 including scarce d shade. Mint. Ref 09032011A$200Photo
Tonga1893Official set of 5 surch. SG O6/10 Mint Hinged Ref 09032019A$200Photo
Tonga1893Official stamps Set of 5 SG O1/5 Toned Mint Ref 09032018A$300Photo
Tonga1893Surch in black SG 19/20 Mint Hinged Ref 09071301A$125Photo
Tonga1894d on 4d chestnut with blue green opt unlisted SG21var Block of 4 Mint no gum Ref 09032007A$300Photo
Tonga18951d olive-green bisected on piece Used SG32a Ref 09032015A$300Photo
Tonga18951d on 2d vermilion SG30 in block of 6 Mint no gum. Ref 09032006A$600Photo
Tonga1895Set of 4 SG32/5 Mint Hinged. Ref 09032013A$200Photo
Tonga1895Surch.set of 3 SG29/31 Mint Ref 09032012A$300Photo
Tonga18972/- black and ultramarine SG 51 Fine used Ref 09071304A$120Photo
Tonga18972/- black and ultramarine SG 51 Mint Hinged Ref 09071305A$120Photo
Tonga18972/6deep purple SG 52 Mint Hinged Ref 09071307A$100Photo
Tonga18972d black and blue No fraction bar in "" SG 43ba Used Ref 09071303A$100Photo
Tonga1897Short set to 10d (only one 2d) on pieces SG38/49 Used Ref 090317A$200Photo
Tonga1904"(Mar 25) PPC 'Neifu, Vavau' to Germany bearing ½d (2) and 1d pair tied by Nukualofa date stamp. Auckland transit and Hamburg arrival date stamp. Scarce commercial usage"A$475Photo
Tonga1911"1d red postcard - Coconut Palm Avenue, Haapai"A$110Photo
Tonga1911"1d red postcard - The Palace and Chapel, Nukualofa"A$125Photo
Tonga19111d red postcard - Coconut in Various StagesA$125Photo
Tonga19111d red postcard - Haamoga AmauiA$125Photo
Tonga19111d red postcard - Neiafu VavauA$125Photo
Tonga19111d red postcard - Shipping at Nukualofa WharfA$125Photo
Tonga19111d red postcard - Three Headed CoconutA$125Photo
Tonga19111d red postcard - Vavau HarbourA$90Photo
Tonga1930US Naval Solar Eclipse Expedition CoverA$450Photo
Tonga1931(April 21) registered cover to USA franked 7d Queen Salote tied by HAAPAI datestamp with oval "REGISTERED AT HAAPAI TONGA" in blue (some letters unclear). Backstamped Suva and Seattle.A$250Photo
Tonga1942-49Set of 9 SG 74-82 Mint Hinged Ref 09071308A$100Photo
Tonga1944Silver Jubilee of Queen Salote's Accession peforated Specimen SG 83s/7s Ref 09071302A$180Photo
Tonga1946Airmail cover to California franked with 6d coral (3), 3d trilith & 2/6 parrot paying the 4/3 airmail rate to USA.A$360Photo
Tonga1963"Gold Coinage, 11d missing blue-green colourMUH"A$250Photo
Tonga1963"Gold Coinage, 15s , missing black.MUH"A$250Photo
Tonga1963"Gold Coinage, 1d missing carmine colour. MUH"A$250Photo
Tonga1963"Gold Coinage, 1s 1d missing deep blue colour. MUH"A$250Photo
Tonga1963"Gold Coinage, 2d missing deep blue colour.MUH "A$250Photo
Tonga1963"Gold Coinage, 2s 4d missing emerald colour. MUH"A$250Photo
Tonga1963"Gold Coinage, 9d with outer band in violet(the color of the 1/6) .MUH"A$200Photo
Tonga1963"Gold Coinage,10d in unissued design different from the normal issue. MUH"A$250Photo
Tonga1963"Gold Coinage,10d in unissued design different from the normal issue. MUH"A$250Photo
Tonga1963"Gold Coinage,15s carmine, unissued. MUH"A$250Photo
Trinidad1901Registered Letter Stationery to LondonA$150Photo
Trinidad1909Registered letter to LondonA$150Photo
Trinidad & Tobago1938Registered letter to EnglandA$100Photo
Tristan da Cunha1923May 19 visit of the South African whaler "Herkules": re-directed cover (faults) with an interesting three page letter to England, with a partia lstrike of type II cachet (SG C3) at damaged top right corner, taxes"1d/ISG' & paid with d & 1d postage dues tied by 'ROCHESTER & CHATHAM/19 JU 23' cdsA$1000Photo
Tristan da Cunha1926April visit of Norwegian Barque Asalea unfranked cover (flap missing) to UK via Port Elizabeth (b/s), with a clear strike of the type III cachet (SG C3) in black, tax markings applied at Port Elizabeth but obliterated with '1047' barred numeral cancels. Ref 09032020A$1200Photo
Tristan da Cunha1937Cover addressed to GB with Swaziland Coronation set tied by Cachet Type VII Ref 09032021A$125Photo
Tristan da Cunha1937Philatelic cover to GB with cachet VI cancel showing additional wear between outer rings at top Ref 09032022A$150Photo
Tristan da Cunha1947"Pre-Stamp Cachets Registered Potato cover, Postage not accepted 1d & 2d billingual pairs South African Silver Wedding Anniv., tied by Cachet Type VIII (SG#C10) strikes in violet, another adjacent Sent to London, boxed bilingual ""POSTED OUT OF COURSE TO PAY"" in black. Added in South Africa, ""T 4D"" in circle, 1947 Date likely due to Potato Essay, ink smudge at R, tear in registration label." Ref 09032023A$475Photo
Tristan da Cunha1961"(Oct 11)the evacuation period:cover endorsed ""Unofficial Last Day""franked 10c teid by Meteorology Station Hut oval 'TRISTAN DA CUNHA/9-10-61'cachet in violet with 'M.V. Tristania'cachet at lower left. (12 prepared)" Ref 09032024A$1000Photo
Turks and Caicos Islands1909-11Set of 12 SG 115/26 MHA$150Photo
Turks and Caicos Islands19171d red SG 140 Block of 4 with grossly misplaced opt MUHA$200Photo
Turks and Caicos Islands1928Set of 11 SG 176/86 MHA$130Photo
Uganda189550c cowries Wide letters. Wide stamps. SG 8 Usual faults. Rare shell thematic Ref 09032103A$1400Photo
Uganda1896"2a black with Small ""o"" in ""POSTAGE SG 56a Used"A$120Photo
Uganda1898-1902Set of 7 optd Specimen SG 84s/91s Mint Ref 09032120A$250Photo
Vanuatu1984Fungi imperf proofs mounted on card.A$250Photo
Zanzibar1895-982 on 1a sepia SG 29 UsedA$150Photo
Zanzibar1895-982 on 2a pale blue SG 27 UsedA$130Photo
Zanzibar1899-1901Set of 13 SG 188/204 MHA$360Photo
Zanzibar1903HG#PC12 1 anna Reply Card to LondonA$100Photo
Zanzibar1913Short set to 5r SG 246/59 MHA$140Photo
Zululand1888-931/- dull green SG 10 Fine usedA$260Photo
Zululand1894-964/- green and carmine SG 27. Fine usedA$300Photo

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